Eye Exercises for Nearsightedness

Eye Exercises for NearsightednessNearsightedness or short sightedness is a condition that many people will experience during their lifetime. The inability to focus on objects far away is due to weakened vision that is often a result of the natural aging process of your body. Also known as myopia, nearsightedness is usually rectified with a number of different methods.

The most common methods are glasses and contact lenses and in some cases people even resort to eye surgery to fix the problem. However, a lot of people dismiss the idea of doing eye exercises for nearsightedness!

Remember that your eyes are a muscle and that muscles need to be worked regularly to stay in good condition. Your eyes can really benefit from doing some regular exercises. The vision drills explained in this article can be done in the comfort of your own home and will really help to improve your vision.

Just How Helpful Can Eye Exercises for Nearsightedness Be?

There are many different causes of myopia and if it’s caused by visual fatigue then eye exercises can be very helpful for you. If myopia is either genetic or heredity, eye exercises are going to be less effective. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that exercises won’t have any benefit for your vision.

Eye exercises can help in a number of different ways:

  • Increase eye function and help you focus better
  • Reduce eyestrain
  • Reduce sensitivity to light
  • Increase or strengthen your eyes
  • Help with other aspects of vision such as hand-eye coordination, depth perception, peripheral vision, etc

Are Eye Exercises Guaranteed?

Where myopia is caused or heavily influenced by genetics and not visual fatigue, the exercises won’t be completely effective. But they can help in other instances as outlined above and in some cases they can also help slow down the effects of myopia over time.

Your lifestyle will also play a big role in the effectiveness of exercises. If you continue to have poor visual habits, like looking at a computer screen for prolonged periods with no breaks, then the effectiveness will also be reduced.

Moreover, the amount of nutrients you are getting in your diet might also cause a diminished effect on your vision. Your eyes, just like any other part of your body will really benefit from a healthy lifestyle where you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet. If you are not getting these vitamins and minerals then your eyesight will deteriorate much more quickly.

Eye Exercises for Nearsightedness

Here is a range of different exercises to combat nearsightedness. Make sure that you do these tasks every day to get the maximum benefit from them. And don’t forget, you want to complete each exercise fully before moving on to the next and you’ll also want to ensure that you can complete the entire eye regime without being interrupted.

Eye-Finger Exercise

This exercise will help you to focus on objects that are far away from you. You’ll need to stand in the middle of the room and keep your back straight. Face a picture on the wall and hold your index finger a couple of inches away from your nose. Focus on your fingertip and ensure that your eyes are fully focused before moving on to the next step.

Now you should quickly move your vision to the picture of the wall. At first the image will be distorted. Keep looking until your eyes have correctly focused on the picture. As you get better at it, increase the distance between yourself and the image.

Focus Exercise

For this exercise you’ll need to be sitting down and you will also need a pencil. Hold the pencil about six inches away from the tip of your nose. Don’t stare at the pencil, instead quickly glance at it and then change your vision to an object which is on the opposite side of the room. Do this for a few seconds and then go back to the pencil for a few seconds.

Repeat this process 10 times and do it every day. As your eyesight starts to get better, start focusing on objects that are further away from you.

Another Pencil Exercise

Here you’ll again need to be sitting down. This time, hold the pencil away from your eyes until it gets to the point where it starts to double in your vision. Hold it just before this point. Imagine that there is a transparent tic-tac-toe board just in front of you.

Now move the pencil and touch each of the imaginary squares and bring the pencil back to the original position. As you’re moving the pencil, make sure that you track its movement with your eyes.

Again, perform this exercise at least once a day and you should start to notice a gradual improvement in your vision.

Room Scanning

Find a comfortable chair to sit in and make sure that you sit somewhere where there are a lot of objects to look at. Maybe this could be in your living room or your garden. Now start at one side and slowly scan everything in the room. Look at each object in great detail, make sure that you outline the entire object, then move on to the next one.

For this exercise to work, you will want to look at things in a slow and steady motion. This will help you to focus on things that are both close to your and far away from you.

Benefits of Eye Exercises

If you stick to these exercises you should start to notice the benefits quite quickly. If you want to further improve you vision, you can add more eye training drills to your repertoire. Also, it’s a good idea to start taking vision-enhancing vitamins to further improve your nearsightedness.

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  1. larry #

    perhaps you could change your website text colors from light grey to dark black text to make it easier to read as I start to get eyestrain due to lack of contrast of the text from the background

    • Hi Larry,

      Great suggestion. I will have our programmer complete this.

      • raghunath #

        how long you took for this exercise?

      • Bill #

        Thanks Tyler,

        I agree with Larry.


    • Preethy #

      Can we blink the eye during this exercise?

      • Judy #

        sure..keep it natural

      • Simran #

        Of course ….as many times you want .

      • Anonymous #

        No see it for 24hours

      • Pranshu #

        Don’t blink while focusing on a close object.

    • Bob Smith #

      oh the eyerony

      • Meh #

        You just can’t stop your eye from blinking..

  2. john #

    thank you so much for doing all this, it helped me a lot so far, my vision have improved from worse than 20/70 to 20/30 in about a year, it’s amazing! I am now focusing on the last part, to make my vision perfect 🙂

    • Congratulations on your success John. Stories like this make our day.

      • Simran #

        Do i need to wear spectacles / glasses during exercise ? And my myopia is 2.7 can it improve .Plz REPLY …!!! Thanks u guys really doing a great work.

      • Muskan #

        Should we wear glasses while exercising?

    • Ash #

      Which exercise were you doing and how long did it take to get improvement ??

    • john #

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      • Romeo #

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    • Zak #

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  3. Chelie #

    Thank you for your help. I have ordered and my vision is currently 20/50 in 1 eye and 20/40 in the other. Since I’m a dancer, I need to have good vision and I hope this will help!

    • Anonymous #

      Congrats bhai

      • sonu #

        happy vision

  4. mark #

    hi sir please can any body tells me if eye exercise really works and how time should i do them a day
    please send me back please

  5. Anonymous #

    If my vision is 20/100 will this still improve it and how long will it

  6. kavyapeddineni #

    I started practicing these exercises.I hope they may be useful for me to improve my vision.

    • Anonymous #

      How was it?

  7. hameedkhan #

    Hi sir I can’t improve my eye sight can u tell me all in 1 step .

    • Naleem #

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  8. rising light #

    Question: is it best to wear my glasses, contacts, or neither when doing these exercises? My vision is poor (-4.5) so I can’t seem to ‘focus’ on things more than a couple feet from me. Thank you!

    • Judy #

      I would stick with “neither” since you are trying to improve your vision. And wearing your prescribed lenses literally requires your eyes to be and stay bad, right? I’m on -5 for both eyes so yeah, not many objects to practice on, mostly I’m doing pencil exercises, moving further and closer quickly. I’m trying to recognize the movement my eyes do when I move it further and then apply it on other things, even if I cannot see them clearly. I think it ‘s really working, though progress is slow, after 10 year of ignoring the problem.

  9. larry #

    my vision also poor at R = -5.5 D , L = -4.5 D
    this means that my farthest distance focal point = 39.37/5.5 = 7.2 ” , 39.37/4.5 = 8.8″
    Practicing eye exercises to reduce the myopia one would want a slightly blurry
    focus ~ 0.5 – 1.0 Diopter less then correct clear focus point so that the eyes can
    improve the 0.5 – 1.0 Diopter amount. Example for right eye only I would want to focus at
    4.5 D point = 8.8″ rather than the clear focus at 5.5 D point of 7.2″.
    When using both eyes this gets tricker because now this involves the convergence of the 2 eyes
    at close focus points and the convergence is yoked in with the eyes focus.
    meaning that higher convergence causes a closer focus.

    • Anonymous #

      In what time you impved it??

  10. subhashini #

    Hellow Sir,
    I have myopia 1.75 vision. Will these exercise help me? I sm 29years old. Please guide me.

  11. Anonymous #

    I, m 18 year guy and my power is -2.25 , is this exercise can cure me naturally ????

    • alan walker #

      No one to reply here…..

    • Anonymous #

      With Godfidence have will power and keep on doing exercises with strong determination . Nothing is impossible. It will cure.

  12. pranjal #

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    • Anonymous #

      Without lence

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    my friend told me about you and i really need your help
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  25. Jigar #

    Hello. This article seems quite helpful. I would give it a try for sure. I’m suffering from myopia. Its around -3 in both the eyes. Do I need to get rid of the glasses before trying these exercises?
    Hope there isn’t any adverse negative effect of leaving the glasses while doing it x_x

  26. Ryan Wu #

    What is the definition of looking at opp side of the room after glancing at ur pencil, does opp means right behind u or just another part of the room

  27. jackie chan #

    how is difference between myopia and hyperopia created ?
    now tell that to me quickly as soon as possible

  28. krithy #

    hi ,i am suffering myopia for last 9 years .do eye exercises really cure myopia .doctors told me eye exercises only cure myopia who is below 18 years old.more than 18 years old person doing eye exercises is not effective

  29. Anonymous #

    does this work please respond

    • Tariel Hakobyan #

      Trying this exercises is good idea. Yes they will help. Trying is not hard especially when it takes less then 20 min. Stop looking at computer go outside a.d look around

  30. saddam khan #

    I am suffering from myopia and I am using spex of L-14
    R-16 and I want to get rid of from this what to do

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    Sir, my left eye has grown weak while the other one is completely fine. i am not able to focus on object which are not near me with my left eye. how can i improve this. Also should i practice these exercise with both the eyes open or just the weak eye because i can clearly see with both the eyes open. Please send back to me

  33. devakumar #

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    i cannot see far objects with a power of 0.5.

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    Sir, the problem of miopia is heavier in me(left -4.02 and right -3.75), so i want to fix it as much as i can. so, will these exersices work on me effectively? and how can i fix it faster? help!

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  37. Harsh #

    Will wearing low numbers glasses than ur actual numbers help ur eyesight?
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    • Welcome #

      Studies show that wearing a lower prescription than what you actually need will make your eyes worse faster than wearing your correct prescription

      • Rika #

        But wearing the correct prescription might cause dizziness headache and pain in ur eyes because ur eyes will try so hard to adapt to the glasses.

  38. Manu #

    Sir,i am suffering with mypia for5yers.now i am 19yersold.my left point is2.75&right 2.25. What shall i do sir? Eye excersize is completely cure this?pls reply

  39. thilak raj #

    Hey I have a power of -4.5 in both eyes so I am daily eating greeny curry leaves and its juice. I am also practicing your exercises. In how many days r months would I reduce my power to normal

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  44. Sarah #

    On the second Pencil Excercise (Titled: Another Pencil Excercise) are you intended to hold the pencil close to your face till it doubles or away from your face till it somehow doubles? Because my arms are not long enough to hold the pencil away from my face for the pencil to double in my vision. I hope I’m not doing it incorrectly, I really want to improve my vision.

    • Anonymous #

      I think it is close to your eyes until it starts to double

  45. Anonymous #

    What is your experience with doing some of these with just one eye at time. Could this quicken the process?

  46. Anonymous #

    For the step that is needed to extend the pencil to the limit of your site without doubling it, I can’t reach that far!

  47. Nidhi #

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  52. i need help #

    Hey I just got glasses and my doc says its impossible to correct my vision expect with surgery ,but i dont rlly believe them.. I have -o.25 on right and -1 on left eye..SHould i do the exercies while wearing glasses or without… ALSO hOW many times a day should i do the exercies and for how long .. ? thx very much 🙂

    • Anonymous #

      You can correct with laser surgery,but sometimes there are adverse effects

  53. prasad #

    I have -0.50 right eye I want to correct plz tell me how because I want join air force and they don’t except myopic eye

    • rishi raj #

      laser treatment

  54. Pratap #

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  55. rishi raj #

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  57. Ronald K #

    Most of you people are questioning”WILL IT WORK?”. I’d say at least try it .find time to do these exercise daily. Eating fruits rich in vitamin A will help along with doing your exercises. Good luck and have a good day and do until you succeed.

  58. Gokul #

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    Can these excercise be done by kids of 5 years age with myopia? We are constantly reading that straining the eyes will worsen the vision. My daughter is having -2.5 and -2.25 for her right and left eye respectively. Also should the prescription glasses be worn while doing these exercises. Appreciate your response.

  65. Isabela #

    You guys Dr.Mercola also wrote an article (and a made a video) about improving eye health through diet. There is a list of foods rich in nutrients that improve the function of your macula. Check it out


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    Should we do these with glasses or without glasses? My vision is really weak (about -3.5) and thus I can hardly see objects around me properly without specs. Please reply fast.

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    The eye-finger exercise doesn’t make much sense to me. I’ve tried it, and the picture doesn’t really get any clearer, if it is getting clearer, then it’s barely noticeable. Some tips plz? Also, I can’t do it in the middle of the room since I can’t see any picture clearly no matter what if I stand in the middle of the room.

  69. HD #

    Please add videos for these exercises to follow them perfectly.

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