Eye Exercises for Nearsightedness

Eye Exercises for Nearsightedness

Nearsightedness or myopia is a condition that many people will experience during their lifetime. The inability to focus on objects far away is sometimes a result of the natural aging process of your body which weakens your eye muscles. But it can also be spurred by excessive screen time and not exercising your eye muscles […]

6 Tips to Naturally Improve Your Distance Vision

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Imagine this: you’re at the grocery store searching for the pasta section but when you look up at the aisle signs, they’re blurry. You squint but eventually have to walk up to every sign to see what’s down that aisle. If that sounds like you, you’re likely suffering from myopia, also known as nearsightedness, which […]

How to Treat and Prevent Vision-Damaging Near-Point Stress

How to Treat and Prevent Vision-Damaging Near-Point Stress

Our eyes have evolved quite a bit since the dawn of human existence. We can see in incredible detail, color and precision. And we are among some of the animals with the best vision. However, there is one aspect of our vision that remains linked to our ancient ancestors. Our eyes are those of a […]

Can LASIK Eye Surgery Cure Astigmatism?

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What does it mean to have “normal” eyes? Typically, having normally shaped eyes mean that the cornea, which is the clear, outer window of your eye, curves equally in vertical and horizontal directions. These directions resemble the patterns of the stitches on a baseball. However, if you have astigmatism, your eyes won’t have that shape. […]

Can You Cure Nearsightedness Naturally?

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If you have to squint to recognize that person waving at you from down the street, you’re not alone. The number of people who share this problem is growing every day. A recent study published in the Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science journal estimates that 32 percent of the world’s population is currently suffering from myopia. […]

What Are Refractive Errors? A Comprehensive Guide

What Are Refractive Errors? A Comprehensive Guide

Refractive errors are possibly the most common eye conditions among children and adults alike. It isn’t all that unlikely that some people suffer from more than one refractive error at the same time. Doctors usually use glasses to fix refractive errors. Often, doctors prescribe glasses without much explanation. If they’ll fix your eyesight, why ask […]

Vision Therapy for Problems That Can’t Be Fixed with Eyeglasses

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Vision therapy can be one of the top ways to treat common vision conditions such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. This is an especially useful treatment for school children, whose eyes easily adapt to the therapy techniques. Unfortunately, not every child gets the treatment they need when they’re young and conditions like amblyopia and strabismus […]

How Your Child’s Smartphone Could Be Harming Their Eyes

It isn’t uncommon to see kids with smartphones these days. Why shouldn’t they have them? They can be exceptional learning tools, help your children keep in contact with friends and family, be used for emergencies, and can capture some truly great moments. But how does a smartphone affect the eyes of your child? For all […]

Common Eye Problems in Preschoolers and Warning Signs: Part 1

Common Eye Problems in Preschoolers and Warning Signs: Part 1

Being a toddler is an exciting time. Kids spend their days discovering the world by reading (or rather looking at pictures while you read to them), playing games, jumping, running, crawling and rolling around. You want your preschooler to enjoy the time they have before it’s time to begin their elementary school journey. The last […]

Can Continued Education Lead to Vision Problems?

Can Continued Education Lead to Vision Problems?

If you have trouble seeing objects in the distance, but see them perfectly fine up close, you likely have a condition called myopia. The condition is pretty common, but the reasons behind it are varied. In fact, according to a recent study, it’s possible that the severity of your myopia has a lot to do […]

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