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Whether you suffer from regular or irregular astigmatism, the effects can be frustrating and hindering. Here, we focus on astigmatism and how you can improve the blurriness and prevent the condition from worsening by eliminating the stressors that cause it and strengthening your eyes.

Does Astigmatism Have an Impact on Driving Performance

Does Astigmatism Have an Impact on Driving Performance?

Astigmatism may not be the best-known eye disorder, but it’s certainly among the most common. Some studies have estimated the prevalence of astigmatism in children to be as high as 34 percent, a number that’s widely believed to increase with age. Blurred vision is a hallmark symptom of astigmatism. And while effective corrective measures to […]

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Can You Have Astigmatism in Both Eyes

Can You Have Astigmatism in Both Eyes?

Astigmatism is a disorder of the eyes that can cause the light to focus on two points instead of just one point because the cornea is misshapen. This causes people to have blurry, slanted or distorted vision. While you may think it only happens in one eye, the truth is most of the time it […]

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Best Eye Vitamins for Astigmatism

Best Eye Vitamins for Astigmatism

Having an astigmatism sounds pretty intimidating, but really it is a very common problem today. In fact, most people actually have an astigmatism (and many do not even know it, especially if it is slight). If you have blurry vision or have previously been diagnosed with an astigmatism, read on to discover which vitamins will […]

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Eye Exercises for Astigmatism

Eye Exercises for Astigmatism

If you are currently suffering from astigmatism, then you already know, and all too well, that the main symptom of this condition is blurry vision. If you love to read or if your job entails working on a computer for hours, you already know how irritating and stressful it can be to have your vision […]

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Can You Improve Astigmatism Naturally?

Can You Improve Astigmatism Naturally?

If you wear glasses or contacts you have likely heard the term astigmatism before. If you have been diagnosed with this eye disorder you likely know how frustrating this condition can be and the limits it can present to finding comfortable glasses and contacts. But what is astigmatism really and can you do anything to […]

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