eye strain

Yoga for Eye Health

Our eyes are some of our most used organs. In fact, over half of the brain’s tissues are related to vision. So much of the information our brains get about the world is visual. That means our eyes are critical to how we interpret our surroundings, make decisions, and build perspectives. Our eyes are under […]

Natural Eye Compresses and Washes

Between work, soccer practice, dinner dates, and PTA meetings, life can be stressful. Our mind’s natural reaction to stress is to push it way, way down. Out of sight out of mind, right? This is just the way our brain helps us cope with stress. It protects us from thinking about it so that we […]

My Eyes Are Becoming Sensitive to Light, Should I Be Concerned?

Let’s start off by answering our title question right away; yes. Any change, be it sudden or gradual, in your vision is cause for concern. However, there are different degrees to this concern. If you find that your eyes are sensitive to light, should you tear through the emergency room and yell at the staff […]

5 Signs You’re Suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome

If you’re no stranger to our blog (and we hope you aren’t), then you’ll know that we’ve extensively covered the topic of digital eye strain or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Digital eye strain is an all too common condition that can potentially affect anyone with a digital device. In this day and age, that’s just […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Vision Care

There’s a lot of information out there concerning your eye health. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell who and what to believe; which is why we have organizations like the American Council on Science and Health operating to bring you the most reliable and up to date information about, well, science and health. Ana […]

Could Poor Eyesight Be Affecting Your Work Productivity?

There is no better feeling than getting a full day’s worth of work done in a few hours. Being productive gives us a sense of accomplishment and relief, but it isn’t always easy to keep up. Staying motivated at work can be difficult. Some days it may almost seem impossible, leaving you feeling unproductive and […]

What Is Vision Science?

Vision Science, simply put, is the science of your vision. It is a relatively recent term, and is used to describe all studies that are related to how humans and animals process information visually. This type of science also had numerous sub-types, which include ophthalmology, neuroscience, computer vision, perception psychology and more. How Is Vision […]

Can 3-D Movies Identify Vision Problems?

With all the 3-D movies being made in the last couple of years, many people started wondering if viewing these movies could be harmful to your vision. The perception that they may harm your vision came about because many people have reported experiencing headaches, dizziness, and nausea after viewing a 3-D film, but these symptoms […]

Breaking the Smartphone Habit

The smartphone frenzy is in full swing. Every year, more and more Americans purchase smartphones and use them for longer and longer periods of time. 2014 was in some ways the watershed year for mobile devices. For the first time, Americans surveyed were found to have spent more time on their smartphones than on their […]

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