All About Rutin

All About Rutin

Now it’s time to talk about a bioflavonoid that’s always rooting for you and your health: rutin. Rutin is a plant-based bioflavonoid found in a number of citrus fruits. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get more natural than that.

We talk a lot about elements and chemical compounds that are good for our bodies, but at the same time, they are sometimes a little hard to understand. They’re all-natural, but sometimes the words “chemical” and “element” can be a little off-putting, especially in the world of natural health.

Rutin, however, isn’t one of those chemicals or elements. It is probably the number one ingredient in our Ocu-Plus formula that helps prevent retinopathy, a severe eye disease that can have permanently damaging effects.

In this article, we’ll uncover what rutin is exactly and how it helps our vision. We’ll also tell you where you can find it and the best ways to obtain your daily rutin intake.

What Is Rutin?

All About RutinRutin is a bioflavonoid that is found in many plants and citrus fruits. To understand how rutin works, we have to understand what bioflavonoids are.

Bioflavonoids are groups of natural compounds found in plants and fruits. Bioflavonoids are often what provide plants and fruits with their pigmentations. You may remember us mentioning bioflavonoids in our bilberries and bioflavonoids article.

However, you won’t find high amounts of rutin in bilberries – citrus fruits contain the most of this Ocu-Plus ingredient. Rutin’s bioflavonoid status also makes it an important antioxidant.

Antioxidants Again!

Antioxidants have gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years. They’ve become the newest trend in natural health and that’s a good thing too. Some trends are just fads, like that time everyone thought that they could detox by taping a special tape to the bottom of their feet.

Fortunately for us, antioxidants are an important part of natural health methods that have gained some traction in modern medicine, too. This means that antioxidants are now more accessible and available to the public than ever before.

You no longer need to visit your favorite health food store for expensive antioxidant-packed juice, you can get it at any regular grocery store (for a fraction of the price too)!

Enough gushing over antioxidants for now – let’s get back to rutin. This bioflavonoid/antioxidant miracle nutrient is essential for keeping good health. No, scratch that: it won’t just give you good health, it will provide the best health you’ve ever been in.

This plant pigment is especially important for regulating our blood flow. If our blood isn’t flowing properly, we can develop blood clots, strokes, hemorrhages, etc. Alternative medicine professionals often advise patients to use rutin to strengthen their blood vessels. It can also help treat internal bleeding and prevent blood flow related problems.

It is also believed that this antioxidant can be used to counter some side effects that can be caused by cancer treatments such as ulcers in the mouth. However, not enough evidence exists to support this claim for now.

Rutin and Vision

It’s no secret that rutin has numerous health benefits when it comes to regulating blood flow. Smooth blood flow to the retina of the eye is an important part of clear and sharp vision, so rutin can help prevent blood vessel diseases in the eyes.

A common disease that this antioxidant prevents is retinopathy. Diabetes is a major contributing factor to this disease, so much so that it is often called diabetic retinopathy. Retinopathy occurs when leaking blood vessels damage the retina.  If not treated and monitored, it can lead to permanent vision loss and lots of eye pain.

Those with retinopathy will often see something like this. The black splotches on the simulation photo are the areas where the leakage has spread. If the disease progresses, the entire image will eventually be covered by the splotches, severely impairing a person’s vision. Retinopathy can seriously threaten your vision and therefore your quality of life.

The reason that these blood vessels leak is that the blood flow is too great for the weakened vessels. Those with diabetes should pay special attention to adding rutin to their diets and make regular eye exam appointments so that their doctors can effectively monitor their eyes.

Retinopathy isn’t the only disease that rutin fights against. Rutin can also prevent another blood vessel condition called subconjunctival hemorrhage. This occurs when a blood vessel right under the conjunctiva part of the eye bursts.

Oftentimes, you won’t even know a vessel has burst until you look in the mirror. If you notice the white of your eye is abnormally red, you may have a burst blood vessel. You can burst a blood vessel in a myriad of ways, such as a strong sneeze or cough. Rutin works to strengthen the blood vessels to prevent breakage and leaking.

Where Can You Find Rutin?

Rutin can be found in supplement form, especially in our Ocu-Plus Formula. But for best results, you’ll want to take some sort of supplement along with a healthy diet high in rutin.

Supplements can be tricky because you need the right dosage. You’re better off seeing your doctor for this one instead of trying to figure it out yourself. Or, you can just take our Ocu-Plus Formula, which already come with the perfectly balanced amount of rutin along with 16 other vitamins and nutrients.

Foods High in Rutin

Foods are the easiest and most effective way to get your recommended rutin intake. The thing with regular pill supplements is that you’re only getting one nutrient, but with food, you’ll be getting a variety of vitamins along with the rutin. Here are some of our favorite foods that are high in rutin:

  • Buckwheat (which also makes great pancakes, yum!)
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Asparagus
  • Grapefruit
  • Lime and Lemons
  • Peaches
  • Mulberries

Rutin is an essential bioflavonoid used to prevent retinopathy and other blood vessel-related conditions in the eye. Without rutin, we put ourselves at risk of developing weak vessels. Don’t let yourself be quite literally blindsided by your blood vessels – give them the care they deserve!

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    I have been taking rutin for 35 years, it is great for helping to repair damaged capillaries. Don’t take it regularly just when there is a pain in a certain area. I use rutin 500.

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