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Eye Can’t Believe It: Staggering Computer Vision Stats

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No doubt about it, we’re well into the digital age. More people than ever have computers, smartphones and tablets. And, because of that, more people than ever report having vision problems related to too much screen time. Nearly all are connected to the internet. In many ways, this is a positive development. Computers can increase […]

Why Are More People Nearsighted Than Ever Before?

Our bodies are a strange and complex thing. We find a way to cure one ailment, and just as quickly, a new one begins affecting mass populations. A relatively new eye condition that seems to be on the rise with no signs of slowing down is myopia. This condition is also known more colloquially as […]

Parents Need to Remind Kids to Take a Digital Break

Seldom do we go a day without using a digital screen. Be it being at work on a computer all day, or reading off a tablet, or tending to your smartphone apps, these screens can be harmful to our eyes, especially children’s eyes. Younger and younger, kids are being exposed to digital screens without knowing the […]

Vision Problems of the Millennial Generation

If you haven’t heard the term “millennial” before, here’s a quick definition: millennials are members of the millennial generation, a group of people born between the years of 1980 and 2000. As you might guess from the above age range, millennials tend to be pretty young, ranging from their mid-teens to their early 30s. An […]

Eye Can’t Believe It: Eye Opening Facts About Children’s Vision

As if adult eye health wasn’t complex enough. Vision problems are enormously widespread among children of just about any age, but often don’t receive the same attention as disorders in the general adult population. It’s time to go over the numbers. Not only are many disorders already affecting a shocking number of younger people, but […]

Get Kids Outdoors for Healthier Eyes

Every year, several more-or-less reputable societies get together and select a word of the year. The nominees are usually more trendy than anything else, and reading through a list of them is a little like picking the most viral (and sometimes most annoying) elements out of each year, with winners including “truthiness”, “unfriend”, and “w00t”. […]

How Digital Devices Cause Nearsightedness

Most of us can probably agree that the state of health care today is an awful lot better than it was a few decades ago. Since then, we’ve had huge strides forward – just look at laser surgery, breakthroughs in genetics, and the numerous vaccines that have been developed and improved. But even while the […]

Easy, Natural Ways to Relieve Eyestrain Caused by Using Digital Devices

We are living in an time when it’s almost not possible for most people to avoid using digital devices. Right from young children to grownups, it seems almost everyone is using portable electronic devices and computers. It is difficult to imagine any professional or student continuing with their profession or academic studies without using one […]

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