How to Get Rid of Eye Floaters Naturally

How to Get Rid of Eye Floaters Naturally

You’re staring at a blank wall when you notice small moving figures. They seem to squirm and squiggle across the wall. What is going on? These weird shapes and squiggles are often called “floaters.” They can be especially alarming if you’ve never noticed them before. However, it’s perfectly normal to see some floaters when you stare at a blank surface or a clear blue sky.

It’s when they appear suddenly, or more than usual, that you need to worry.

In some cases, floaters can block your vision. They may appear in such high concentrations that they impede your sight. This is very dangerous when driving and crossing the street. It’s also a sign of an underlying eye condition. So what should you do to get rid of eye floaters naturally?

What Are Floaters? Why Do I Have Them?

Floaters are small imperfections in the vitreous humor, a normally clear layer of jelly-like material that fills the eye. As we age, the vitreous humor begins to shrink. When it does, it tends to become “stringy” and develops small deposits of material. When light hits these deposits, they cast a shadow on the retina, the light-sensitive membrane at the back of the eye. That’s how we wind up seeing floaters in the eye.

Floaters can take on some alarming shapes. Some are shocking enough that they drive a number of people to seek medical attention after noticing them. Luckily, most of the time, floaters aren’t a symptom of anything severe. However, some eye diseases include floaters as a symptom. So, it’s important to be aware of how often you see them. Any increase in frequency or concentration deserves a visit to the eye doctor.

When Are Floaters Dangerous?

As we age, it becomes more common to see floaters. It’s also more common for this population to suffer from wear and tear in the eyes. For people over 50, floaters could be a sign of age-related changes. There could also be a sign of bleeding in the eye, a torn retina, or inflammation in the back of the eye.

Besides aging, people with diabetic retinopathy are more likely to see floaters. They can also be a result of complications from cataract surgery or eye trauma. If you’re over the age of 50 and suffer from any of these conditions, seeing floaters is a good reason to see your doctor.

Eye Floater Treatment

If the floaters become dense enough to impede vision, the next step is treatment or removal. There is a surgical solution: physicians can perform a vitrectomy by removing floater-filled vitreous humor, and then replacing it with a saline solution.

This surgery is an effective remedy, but it’s a dangerous one. Eyes are sensitive and don’t take well to highly intrusive surgery. Vitrectomies can cause a number of complications. Some of these, such as infection, are common to all surgeries. However, vitrectomies also carry a few more unique risks, including retinal detachment – a serious effect that can result in blindness. Many patients will also develop a cataract or a clouding of the eye.

How to Get Rid of Eye Floaters NaturallyBecause of these effects, most of which are serious enough to offset the benefits, physicians rarely suggest vitrectomies to fix floaters. Only truly serious, vision-damaging cases receive this referral. For most of us, a better bet is to turn to less invasive, gentler means of management, such as incorporating more natural and raw foods into our diets. One recent study, for example, claims eating pineapple can help reduce floaters.

Natural Management of Floaters

Perhaps the simplest treatment for most eye floaters is to ignore them. Of course, sudden increases should cause a visit to the doctor to ensure no serious condition is underlying them. But, for the average individual, floaters will never be much more than an occasional nuisance. Here are some natural ways to manage floaters:

1. Flick the Floaters

Here’s how to help fight the floaters in a few easy steps:

  1. Find a spot to sit down and relax. Pick a target to stare at and concentrate on that target.
  2. Start rapidly moving your eyes to the left of the target and to the right. Quickly repeat this process.
  3. If this doesn’t help, do the same process, but from top to bottom.

Rapidly moving eyes up and down or left to right can help “flick” floaters away from the center of your field of vision. Their free-floating state makes this movement work.

The vitreous humor and the floaters inside it move precisely with your eyes. Thanks to the momentum it will keep going even after the eyes stop. Fast eye movements flick floaters away from the sensitive center of your field of vision, making them much easier to handle.

2. Hyaluronic Acid

Some individuals use hyaluronic acid to help clear up floaters. Hyaluronic acid, also called hyaluronan, does have a history of use as a recovery agent following eye surgery. However, it doesn’t have much of a proven track record as a floater fixer. Plenty of empirical sources swear by hyaluronic acid. They also say to use caution if you do want to try it because there’s no real understanding of its side effects when used to deal with floaters.

3. Prevention Is Key

Even if you’re only starting to experience floaters, you can slow down the progress of whatever disease is underlying them with prevention. The health of your eyes depends on getting a list of key nutrients that protect and boost it. Although no specific nutrient is proven to remove floaters, there is something to be said for preventing floaters by staying healthy. Antioxidants, omega-3, and zinc are all hugely beneficial to the eyes. To prevent conditions that cause floaters, eat a nutrient-rich diet and exercise regularly. Get regular checkups with your eye doctor, especially if you notice a sudden onset of floaters.

Long story short: in most cases, it’s best to let the floaters work themselves out on their own. They’ll usually clear up in some time. But, if they don’t and you’re at risk for the conditions listed above, see a doctor. While they’re benign most of the time, they can be a sign of injury or inflammation in the eye. You should take extra care when your floaters start to impede your vision. Although there are some treatments available, prevention is always the best remedy.

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  1. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Ed C says:

    I just started experiencing floaters 2 weeks ago after a strenuous weightlifting workout in the gym. I eventually went to a retina specialist who first dx me with posterior vitreous detachment with hemorrhaging, but saw no tears in the retina or detachment of the retina. He feels as the vitreous detaches from the retina due to aging some people experience some hemorrhaging. This is a normal part of the eyes aging that a majority of people go through between 50-80 years old. We’re not alone. I also researched how heavy weightlifting and strenuous working out can cause hemorrhaging in the vitreous and May have nothing to do with the vitreous separating from the retina. Either way the hemorrhaging has stopped and it takes the eye 2-3 months for our body to naturally absorb the blood from the vitreous. My floaters are a long stringy cobweb figure that floats around my right eye. I’m told I supposedly will always have it but the brain adjusts to it making it less noticeable. I was also told sometimes floaters, in 3-6 months settle to the bottom of the eye and won’t be too noticeable. I agree with others that nutrition and supplements are important. I take vitamins A, B, C, D, Fish oil, calcium, magnesium, potassium, CoQ10, and probiotics, amino acids, cinnamon, hyaluronic acid. I consume eggs, bananas for potassium, broccoli, spinach, watermelon, berries, seafood as part of a nutritious diet.

    This is anxiety producing so I focus on positive YouTube channels for affirmations and ways to stay happy and on a high frequency. And yes I pray to God for a healing or an ability to accept this and remain in good spirits. I’ve taken a break from working out strenuously and for now meditate daily and take walks. I look forward to returning to the gym in a few weeks but using lighter weights for awhile. I hope this is helpful for someone. Let us all try to stay positive.

  2. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Joy says:

    The best news missed in this article is you can look right through your floaters if you keep your eyes still and focus on one area in the landscape or when reading. Advice #1 about flicking floaters away is totally incorrect and unhelpful. Darting your eyes around will only draw attention to your floaters because your brain sees the moving object. Your brain/sight does not detect structures in your eyes that are fixed. Keeping your eyes still when out in bright light trying to look at a view on the water for example, or trying to read a backlit screen, will help to minimise the distraction of floaters drifting across. Also floaters do not float away from their position. They are in a relatively fixed position, eg a Weiss ring on the left side of left eye, but as they are in a semi-liquid they appear to move when you move your eyes from side to side. You cannot move a floater to the side if it is in the centre of your eyes. So getting to know where the gaps are in your floaters is helpful. I find I can get a good clear view looking downwards more so than up or centre. So do please do try the still eyes method and experience a clear view of the object you want to see. By the way after PVD I have many floaters, including clouded lacey fragments that catch the light and large grey ones and it works for me so it will work for you too.

  3. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Alegria says:

    I still have flashes in the left eye after over a year, but did not have a retinal tear. It really doesn’t bother me any more as it’s not bright and I only see it when I first turn out the lights.

  4. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Alegria says:

    My floaters have lasted as well and at first I was really sad about this because I love nature walking and live near the ocean and lakes. However two things have helped me 1. radical acceptance 2. going out during low light such as evening to enjoy walks 3. discovering that if you keep your eyes still and focussed on a point or area, you can in fact look right through your floaters and the brain ignores them until you move your eyes again. This isn’t exactly easy when walking outside but if you stop at a lookout just try to focus on one area and only move your eyes slowly down or up and not side to side.

  5. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen simon says:

    Has anyone tried putting carrot juice in the eyes ? since it full of vitamin A.
    While I have floaters too. There was retinal tear in the right eye resulting in light flashes and dr did a laser due to light flashes, but the flashes are not gone. Dr said if the retinal tear heals up the light flashes will be gone . Have to wait another two weeks to know if the laser worked. Just wanted to be sure would carrot juice help the eyes or harm the eyes.

  6. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Diane says:

    I have floaters too , had a Pvd 9 mo ago . Still have a lot, no change . Been a life altering experience , I still cry . My heart to all suffering with this .

  7. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Chris tian LaRos says:

    Where do u get the items u suggested and how much cost?

  8. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen leyo says:

    I have eye floater since December 2019.. I am eating healthy food suggested in my research like eating fruits and green leafy vegestables like spinach. I am anxious everyday but I’m positive that it will go away..I been to 3 eye doctors ..One of the doctor is eye floater specialist, he said my eyes floater can be remove through laser but it will not completely disappear there is a little after the laser but no longer noteciable..

  9. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Mohamed Musthafa says:

    i got eye floaters 3 years ago,,,,,i have eye floaters in my both eyes ,,,,, i am studying mechanical engineering ,, i am unable to concentrate with my studies and researches ,, really those who with eye floaters and their daily days are really hard including me … but i don’t lose hope ,,,, i hope scientists and researches will find the solutions for this painless torture eye floaters….. please drink about 7 litres of water per day , please avoid intake of caffeine and increase intake of more anti oxidants and intake lutein and zeaxithin and increase vitamin B2 ( riboflavin) and avoid using soda drinks and less the digital display (blue light ) and use the digital display with computer lens glasses and install the application “the blue light filter” the computers and android mobile phone that is really helpful.. and the next big thing is GOD ,,,, he knows all our problems …. pray god daily ,,, he will cure our problems

  10. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen saadat saghafi says:

    i have much floaters in my eyes .i read and search about this problem.i think we must sleep enough and then use water 6 cup per day.we must exercise 30 minute per day.abandon smoking.use drug decrease stress. i hope scientist or inventor cure this problem as soon as.

  11. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen LC says:

    My floaters came after bouts of Retinal detachments in both eyes, my eye Dr told me to just ignore the floaters easier said than done, surgery is an option but that the surgery causes cataracts that would mean another surgery grrr, so I’m going to try some of the things I have read on this post thank you all for your in put

    • Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Len says:

      it is DANGEROUS to drink 7 Litres of water every day as it depletes essential salts & vitamins as it passes through your liver & kidneys.
      People have died through excess water intake as it washed out salts used by the nerves for healthy brain & body functions

  12. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Hal says:

    There are some doctors that specializes in removing eye floaters with laser treatment. I had this done after I developed quite a lot of them in both eyes after a bacterial infection. It’s fairly expensive (around $2,000/eye in my case), not perfect, but it did work and removed probably 60-70% of all the floaters. It’s now 4 years laters and I do still get floaters every now and then, but nothing as bad as it was. Do your research and make sure you get a very good doctor to do this, it’s a fairly complex procedure and requires great skill.

  13. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Hnin Shwe Zin says:

    I also have eye florers. It drives me crazy. My new University campus is all with white wall and I can see eye floaters all the time. What should I do?

  14. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Wear dark sunglasses to blend in floaters, especially when it’s is bright outside or when using a computer or looking at anything that has a bright background, until you we all find a remedy. Now doing research to find a natural cure, we are not alone but together find a solution.

  15. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen sd says:

    This is a very helpful post. thank you!

  16. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen James says:

    Who has eye floaters. I do. It drives me crazy. Big lines, shapes. 100 or so dots. The days are long with eye floaters. Thinking I will stay up at night and sleep during the day. Only thing I can say to people is avoid surgery. Have been to the best eye doctors going around and they indicated it would be crazy to operate on a healthy eye. If anyone can suggest anything that would be greatly appreciated. Mostly people take advantage of how desperate you are, and come after your cash.

  17. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Mrs susan pullen says:

    I have a floater in my eye also have glaucoma I have been advised to rest for a month no stress and no heavy lifting is this to make sure that the retina won’t detach and if it’s okay after the month can I resume normally

  18. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen jojo says:

    Thanks to all u 4 the question and answers, hope all will help the few of us who are in need, ……….keep sharing the good news,……. ty,, AND BLESS US ALL..

  19. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen AB says:

    Doctors Best Natural Vision Enhancers plus bilberry plus hyaluronic acid. Worked for me to reduce floaters dramatically. I always take Trader Joe’s Super Vision – alone it does nothing for me, but I do take it in addition to the above. And additional Krill Oil for the DHA and EPA. I needed a full complement of supplements. YMMV.

  20. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Muthu kannan says:

    Iam learning 12th std.coz of this eye floaters I was unable to concentrate in my studies.please suggest me a effective remedy to cure this…….thankyou.

  21. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Amble balu says:

    Try SUPER VISION capsules from Trader Joe. It may help.

  22. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    when i was younger i would get them and i could roll my eye balls up and they would go behind my eyes and stay there ,but after cateract surgery i have little dots in frint of my left eye and it looks like nats flying all over and driveing me crazzy, MARY

  23. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen david says:

    hi this is me david and I have eye floaters on both eyes and its been for one years. can you help me to remove it from my eyes

  24. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Dorjee wangdue says:

    i am dorjee, i got eyefloater to my left eye after operated my right eye, but i asked doctor and she told me not to worry, but it is geting increase, so are there any method to get rid off it,
    thannk you ,,please answer me as soon as possible, it would be very helpful,, i am 29 year old now,

  25. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Fe says:

    Get your blood pressure checked by a doctor. High blood pressure is a usual suspected cause. Eat dark colored vegetables and eggs to get your antioxidants which will help your eyes. Sea vegetables like kelp , seaweed, dulse will help you nutritionally.

  26. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    I also have a eye floater ..what should I do now ?

  27. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Tanja says:

    Did it get rid of your floaters

  28. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Aaron says:

    How long did it take to work?,

  29. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen b says:

    When I get a sore eye I just close the eye I’m having trouble so perhaps you should consider an eye patch

  30. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    How long did it take for it to work

  31. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Billy Joel says:

    That doesn’t help i have done tha

  32. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Anonymous says:

    Eat carrot and orange and drink 12glass water everyday

  33. Avatar for Tyler Sorensen Babiejo says:

    Please try hyaluronic acid. The manager at my local vitamin store recommended it to me and it truly does work! I am baffled, but I took two capsules and it really did help.

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