3 Eye Exercises to Reduce Eyestrain & Improve Eyesight

3 Eye Exercises to Reduce Eyestrain & Improve EyesightIf you have poor vision, it’s commonly accepted that there are two ways to improve your eyesight these days: LASIK or by wearing corrective lenses of some kind.

Most people who struggle through a lifetime of prescription eyeglasses, or even go under the knife for LASIK, don’t realize that they may be able to improve their vision by adding a few simple eye exercises to their daily routines.

Your eyes are, after all, muscles and when muscles aren’t exercised, they become lethargic and fatigued.

In this post, we’ll go over a few simple eye exercises to improve eyesight to get your vision into 20/20 shape.

1. Hocus, Focus!

Focusing on objects both near and far is an excellent way to train your eyes. To begin, start in a comfortable but upright position.

Now, put your thumb about 10 inches away from your eyes. Focus on your thumb, every excruciating detail of it, for a few seconds.

Next, pick an object, any object, in your surroundings that is about 10-20 feet ahead of you. Focus on that object for a few seconds and then jump back to focusing on your up close and personal thumb.

Continue this for about two or three minutes to help strengthen your eyes and perhaps improve your vision!

2. Round the Clock

With this next eye exercise, you’ve got to use your imagination. Begin in a seated position and close your eyes. Imagine a clock in front of you. Visualize the numbers 12 and 6. With your eyes still closed, rotate your eyes down from 12 to 6 in a clockwise rotation. Do this 15-20 times.

Next, see the numbers 3 and 9. Still in a clockwise motion, rotate your eyes from 3-9 about 20 times. With your eyes still closed, rotate your eyes in a counter-clockwise movement several times as well.

This exercise can do wonders to help correct blurry vision problems!

3. Blink it Out

The simple act of blinking can help you focus on objects better in your daily, seeing day. You probably spend a great deal of your time looking at computer screens, most of us do these days. If that’s true for you, you’re probably not blinking enough. We get so focused on the screen that we actually forget to blink. Blinking both relaxes and rehydrates our eyes.

Take a few minutes every few hours and focus on blinking. Blink every 3-4 seconds and know that you’re helping your eyes be better able to serve you later on.

The above eye exercises are examples of what is possible if you just put your mind – and eyes – to your goal of improving your vision naturally.

Simple eye exercises to improve eyesight like these help your eyes get stronger and can help reduce eyestrain – something many computer users suffer from. For more exercises like the ones above, check out our free bonus report, “7 Eye Exercises Guaranteed to Improve Your Vision.” In it, you’ll find proven eye exercises that will help your eyes focus better and give you sharper vision. And they only take five minutes a day!

You can get “7 Eye Exercises Guaranteed to Improve Your Vision” for free when you order the Ocu-Plus Formula, which will also help in the vision-strengthening process. Just like exercising, your eyes need a healthy diet and a daily supplement can ensure they’re getting the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need to stay strong and sharp.

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  1. Diana says:

    I am definitely going to practice them and I believe some results will be achieved. We thank you for your service.

  2. ARTHUR says:

    I just received my SUPERFOCUS GLASSES – NO HELP – I WAS TOLD IT WILL NOT WORK BECAUSE I Have ” MD ” . From today 3/3/13,I “will do your exercise(s).Thank you very mich.

  3. Joyce says:

    Thank you! Glasses have never been of any help to me – I am sure these exercises will help : )

  4. Dareene says:

    How long does it take my eyes to 20/20 vision or close to 20/20 vision? my vision was 20/175 in my left and 20/200 in my right(from my last visit )

  5. abeer farooq says:

    i ll try these eye therapy on my mom since she had her eye operated recently and she has a complain of blurred vision

  6. Tahmeed Tabeeb says:

    How can i reduce myophia quickly?

  7. Beryl Holland says:

    Thank You very much for your helpful information!

  8. Tiffany says:

    Should I completely stop using glasses when I start doing this exercises daily?

  9. Lorna says:

    Hey my eyes are dry, I have tears but they are feeling really dry, it annoying. hope this exercise helps

  10. Robert Yates says:

    Good stuff, thank you! I will work these exercises into my day!

    I spend a good portion of my day in front of a computer, however I have a window to the street just above the screen through which I am constantly switching my focus. I think this helps as well.

    I have taken Ocu-Plus for years

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