Developing a Daily Eye Routine

Developing a Daily Eye Routine to Maintain Healthy Vision

Everyone knows that to maintain a healthy body you have to eat right and exercise, visit the doctor regularly, and take prescribed medications correctly. Well, to maintain healthy eyes a lot of the same things apply. If you want your eyes to stay strong and healthy, then you need to take care of them on a daily basis. So, here are a few tips to start your daily eye routine today!

Regular Eye Exams

The first step you should take is to have regular eye examinations. Regular eye exams are important for detecting any issues that may develop as soon as possible. Then, if a problem is found, treatment for it can begin immediately.

The recommendation for what constitutes a regular exam varies according to your age. For children, eye exams should be performed starting at six months old, then again at age three, and once more between ages five or six. After that point, children with healthy eyes should have eye exams every two years.

People ages 20 to 30 should have eye exams every two years. When you enter your thirties, you should have annual eye exams because this is the age when your vision can begin to change and it’s more likely for problems like cataracts and glaucoma to begin to develop.

Eat Eye-Healthy Food

Developing a Daily Eye RoutineThere are a lot of foods that contain nutrients that are very beneficial to your eye health, so you should begin incorporating more of these foods into your everyday diet. Your mom may have told you when you were a kid that if you didn’t eat your carrots you’d go blind. Well, she was right… to a degree anyway.

Carrots contain beta carotene and vitamin A, which are great nutrients for your vision. Not eating carrots won’t result in you losing your vision, but by adding this eye-healthy food into your daily diet, you can help prevent vision problems down the road. There are many other foods, such as spinach, kale, avocados, red meats, poultry, and many, many others that help your vision. If you eat well-balanced meals with lots of fruits and vegetables, chances are you’re eating all the right things for your vision already.

Wear Sunglasses

You should protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays the same way you protect your skin from them. Whenever you’re going to be out in the sun, it’s recommended that you lather your skin up with sunscreen, right? Well, it works kind of the same way with your eyes. Don’t go putting sunscreen in your eyes, though, or you’ll have even bigger problems.

You should wear sunglasses whenever you’re outside, every day, even when it’s cloudy and dreary out. UV rays can cause damage to your retinas – damage that can’t be reversed. UV rays can also cause cataracts, and can even cause less serious damage like red and itchy eyes that, while temporary, can be really uncomfortable, and completely avoidable.

It is recommended by the American Optometric Association that you should wear sunglasses that block out both UVA and UVB radiation, have gray lenses to allow for proper color recognition, keep out at least 75 percent of visible light, and do not have scratched lenses.

Cut Back on Electronics Usage

Most people spend a good portion of their day staring at computer screens, cell phones, and tablets, which can have a debilitating effect on your eyes. Spending so much time using these electronics can cause significant eye strain, blurred vision, and dry eye, and you can also experience an increase in headaches as a result of the strain being put on your eyes.

If it isn’t possible to cut back the amount of time you spend on electronics because it’s a part of your job, you need to remember to give your eyes frequent rests.

There are also other precautions you can take to decrease the impact on your eyes. Make sure your computer screen sits back about 20 inches from your eyes and position it below your eye level by about five inches. Use light bulbs with lower wattages and pull your curtains or drapes closed to reduce glares. It’s also a good idea to step away from your computer for at least 15 minutes after every two hours.

Take Care of Your Contacts

Millions of people wear contacts to help them see better, but not everyone follows the recommendations given for contact wearers, which can cause damage to your eyes. If you don’t take care of your contacts, you can experience red or irritated eyes, blurred vision, eye pain, or you can damage your corneas. Infections can develop in your eyes if your contacts are not changed properly or if they have dirt on them which can scratch your eyes.

If you wear contacts you should clean and soak them in fresh solution, and always replace your contacts when it is advised – this means don’t wear 30-day contacts for longer than 30 days, don’t wear one-day contacts for a week, etc.

Take Daily Vitamin Supplements

Eyes need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, just as our bodies do. Eye vitamin supplements, like our Ocu-Plus Formula, can significantly improve your eye health and vision and can strengthen yours. You should eye vitamins into your daily routine and you will begin to notice a decrease in the amount of symptoms, such as blurred vision and eye strain, you experience throughout the day.

By taking a few minutes out of your day to work on your eyes, you can ensure a longer life of better, clearer, stronger vision. Don’t you think that’s worth it?

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    Of course Hanni, weaken, thank you…

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    Daily exercise is good for all your body, and of course your eyes. I think 3 times a day are good for our eyes. I don’t agree with the advice about wearing sunglasses. Our eyes are made to be in the light. When you usually wear sunglasses you weekend the eyes. If you will strengthen your body, you must use your senses and eyes, but of course don’t look at the sun.

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