Over 21,000 people have now used Rebuild Your Vision to naturally improve:

  1. Nearsightedness (blurry distant vision)
  2. Aging Vision or Farsightedness (blurry close up vision)
  3. Astigmatism (blurry near and distant vision)
  4. A combination of these conditions

Tyler SorensenFrom: Tyler Sorensen, President & CEO of Rebuild Your Vision

Place: Seattle, Washington

Have you always hated wearing your glasses and contacts? You’re not alone. Along with millions of others, my brother was once in the same boat as you.

Not just because contacts and glasses are such a pain to deal with, but because his bad eyesight was the one stumbling block that held him back from his dreams of becoming a Navy fighter pilot.

He would have never guessed that eye exercises would be the thing that helped him overcome this huge obstacle.

If you haven’t already read his story, it all started when we were kids, sitting on our grandfather’s lap, listening to the stories of his life as a pilot. My grandfather would tell us incredible tales about flying B-52s across the Atlantic and shuttling the rich and famous around the world in their private jets.

My brother wanted to be just like him.

Growing up he did everything he could to prepare himself to become a navy pilot. He was an avid athlete, and went out of his way to join student council and volunteer for as many extra-curricular activities as he could. He always got good grades. He excelled at college, worked hard to stay in shape, and even got his pilot’s license.

But There Was One Huge Roadblock That Stopped Him Dead in His Tracks of Becoming a Navy Fighter Pilot:

Perfect Eyesight

The Navy requires their pilot candidates to have perfect 20/20 vision in order to qualify – and my brother wasn’t even close. By this time in his life, he’d been wearing glasses for a long time and his vision was pretty bad.

Lasik surgery wasn’t an option either. The Navy invests millions of dollars into training their pilots and with the side effects people are having after getting Lasik surgery like dry, burning eyes, poor night vision, halos around bright objects, and deteriorating vision, they don’t want to risk their investment.

As You Can Imagine, My Brother Was Heartbroken…

The one thing he had no control over – bad vision – was the only thing holding him back from achieving his dreams.

He ended up hating his glasses even more. On top of losing or scratching them, dropping them, and bending them out of shape, they were really expensive!

All the headaches they caused and how they made his eyes feel downright tired sometimes.

My brother tried contacts, but they were even worse. They stung, itched, scratched, and every morning it felt like he had to pop his eyeballs into his head.

So, He Decided to Work Towards a Career as a Commercial Airline Pilot.

The vision requirements for a commercial airline pilot aren’t as strict as the U.S. Navy (you only need 20/20 vision with your glasses on), so my brother settled on this career as it seemed to the only available option.

He worked his way up through the ranks flying little rickety old cargo planes. He flew as much as he could, finally logging enough flight time and experience to land his first job as a commercial airline pilot.

Man, was he excited! Life was good and he finally saw a future that was looking pretty darn good.

And Then 9/11 Happened and Our World Was Forever Changed.

The day after the devastating events of 9/11, the airline industry awoke to find no one wanted to fly, and airline companies began struggling to stay in business. My brother’s airline was no different. His name came up during the third wave of layoff notices.

He was devastated.

But little did he know that his misfortune would soon lead him to his dreams.

Two days later, my brother found himself flying with an old, grey-haired ex-Navy pilot. He mentioned how he’d always dreamed of flying fighter jets for the Navy but couldn’t qualify because of his eyes.

That Was the Moment His Life Changed Forever.

The old ex-Navy pilot looked right at my brother and in a gruff, matter-of-fact voice said, “Well, you ever done eye exercises?”

He told my brother that eye exercises had been around for years and were used by pilots and professional athletes around the world to improve and sharpen their vision.

Now, my brother was skeptical, of course. After all, if eye exercises really worked to improve your vision, then why hadn’t he heard about them before? And why weren’t other people he knew using them to improve their vision?

But curiosity got the best of him, so he came to me with this news and…

We Began to Investigate Eye Exercises and Natural Vision Improvement.

After all, my brother had nothing to lose and I really wanted to help him. So we dug in, and we couldn’t believe what we found

Medical journals containing over 75 years of research attesting to eye exercises. Scientific studies like these:

“Subjects often stated that they had experienced the ability to make eye contact (without correction) with people across a room or street; they could see buildings and windows clearly without glasses many miles across San Francisco Bay, or in the case of high diopter myopes (> -4.0 diopters) they were able to read books easily at arms length.”

– Balliet, PHD, et al. The training of visual acuity in myopia. Journal of the American Optometric Association.

“Thousands of young men applying for admission to the various branches of the armed forces discovered that they could not meet the visual requirements. As a result of visual training, most successfully passed the visual requirements of the service that had previously rejected them. The evidence is conclusive that optometric methods of visual training improve the acuity of most myopes.”

– Ewalt. The Baltimore Myopia Control Project. Journal of the American Optometric Association.

“There is acceptable evidence that in motivated subjects, even myopes with greater than two diopters refractive error, visual acuity can be improved by visual training.

– Sells, et al. Evaluation of Research on Effects of Visual Training. American Journal of Ophthalmology.

It all made sense.

My brother’s eyesight kept getting worse, while the rest of his body was getting stronger and healthier through exercise and healthy living.

So, after wearing glasses and contacts for a good portion of his life, he began doing these eye exercises for a short time every day. They were really easy, and actually kind of fun to do.

After Performing These Simple Eye Exercises for Just 30 Days, He Couldn’t Believe What He Could See.

The TV channels, road signs, mountain peaks, and even the leaves on the trees were all crystal clear – without his glasses or contacts.

Now, he was no young buck, but my brother decided to apply for the Navy again anyway and try one last time to fulfil his childhood dreams of flying fighter jets.

He passed all the basic tests with flying colors, but there was still his arch nemesis… the pilot eye exam.

Have you ever had that empowering feeling of overcoming an incredible obstacle? Something that everyone told you would never be possible?

Well, the results came in. The Navy medical examiner tested my brother’s eyes at 20/25 – almost perfect vision. A few more weeks of eye exercises and his vision was tested at 20/20 without glasses, and the FAA mandated restriction that he was “required to wear glasses while flying” was removed.

He’d Officially Passed the Visual Acuity Test Given to United States Navy Fighter Pilots!

Eye Exam Results


By doing these simple eye exercises, the one stubborn, agonizing, roadblock that had left my brother’s dreams unfulfilled had been overcome.

And now, he didn’t need his glasses for anything. Not even for flying an airplane full of passengers across the country!

Friends, family, and fellow pilots couldn’t believe it. Everyone wanted to know why he wasn’t wearing his glasses anymore and what these eye exercises were all about.

And That’s How the Rebuild Your Vision Program Started.

It’s the extraordinary eye exercise program that my brother used to improve his vision to 20/20, and it’s the same program that tens of thousands of others have used to improve their vision.

And the beauty of the Rebuild Your Vision Program is that it’s so easy.

After doing a few minutes a day of these simple eye exercises for a few weeks, or even days, you’ll begin to notice that things are crisper and sharper than you’d ever dreamed possible.

Here’s how the Rebuild Your Vision Program has changed other peoples lives…

Age 49 and no longer needs reading glasses…

Lynda Makara

“My 49th birthday is right around the corner and I do not need glasses anymore. I can do my artwork and I can read like a normal person. Life is good!”

Lynda Makara, Manhattan, MT
Testimonial Disclaimer

No longer needs glasses after four weeks…

Merv Weselowski

“I noticed a big improvement only after 3 days. That’s only 75 minutes of eye exercises. I’m on week four now and my vision keeps improving. I don’t need my glasses anymore. I’d recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their vision and not be handicapped with glasses anymore.”

Merv Weselowski, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC, Canada

Enjoying the freedom of no longer needing contacts after 35 years…

Faye McDonald

“I try to do the exercises daily and have noticed a big improvement. I wore contacts for 35 years but gradually depended more and more on my glasses in addition to the contacts for driving and watching TV. I ditched my contacts as soon as I started your course and used my glasses for distance only. My eyes feel and look healthier. I didn’t know it was possible to improve your vision with exercise until I stumbled upon the Rebuild Your Vision website.”

Faye McDonald, Ontario, Canada

And you can do the eye exercises almost anywhere. On your kitchen table, in your bed, at work, in a hotel room, wherever.

Anyone can do the eye exercises. It doesn’t matter what your age is.

His doctor shocked by improvement after just 5 days…

Adam Sanes

“I am writing to let you know that my contacts prescription went down with just 5 days of using your program. My doctor didn’t know what to say about my eyes getting better. I’m only 18 and he said most people’s eyes continue to get worse, but he was shocked at how my vision had gotten better. Thanks again.”

Adam Sanes, Kingsland, GA

Can read her computer screen without glasses in one month…

Tommie B.

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been on the computer off and on for quite awhile tonight (I know, close work – but hang on!) when I had to leave the room for something. When I came back in, I was looking for my glasses and couldn’t find them. It dawned on me that I had been reading and typing and proofing my text WITHOUT MY GLASSES! THEY WERE STILL IN MY PURSE! Today makes one month since I started your program and I am amazed at the progress I have made. Thank you so much for making this available. It’s a life changing program and I am so glad I learned about it before I invested in a stronger prescription. Bless you!”

Tommie B., Dayton, TN
Testimonial Disclaimer


Here’s How the Rebuild Your Vision Program Works to Improve Your Vision:

  1. There are many factors that can cause your vision to decline:
    • Stress put on your eyes from the computer and reading. That exhausted feeling in your eyes after a long day of reading or working on the computer. (You may even be feeling it right now.)
    • Using glasses and contacts. You’ve probably noticed your vision getting worse almost every year since you started wearing them?
    • The natural aging process. Pretty soon you can’t hold things far enough away from you face to read them!

    These things cause your eyes to become weak and distorted, causing blurred vision and bad eyesight.

  2. The Rebuild Your Vision Program strengthens and relaxes your eyes and focusing muscles just like you would strengthen and rehabilitate any other weak part of your body.
  3. This is easily achieved through daily eye exercises that stimulate integral components of the eye in a manner that would never be achieved through normal daily use of your eyes. It’s kind of like walking up the stairs. It isn’t really exercise unless you do it 50 times! (But don’t worry, the eye exercises are a heck of a lot easier then walking up your stairs.)
  4. Within just a few weeks, or even days of doing the eye exercises, you’ll start to notice things are much sharper and crisper without your glasses than they were before. Your vision improves and you start to see clearly and naturally while your eyes will feel stronger.
  5. Once your vision has improved, you just perform the eye exercises a couple times a month to maintain your improvements.
  6. You’ll also incorporate 8 amazingly easy techniques in addition to the eye exercises that are essential in preventing further deterioration of your eyesight and preserving your vision for years to come.

Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

Well, as Great as the Rebuild Your Vision Program Is, I Have to Be Honest, It’s Not for Everyone.

The Rebuild Your Vision Program was designed only to help people who suffer from:

If you have a medical condition like diabetes that’s causing your vision problems, unfortunately the program won’t help. And if you’re just looking for a “quick fix,” this program isn’t for you either.

But if you’re searching for a way to improve the clarity of your vision naturally, then the Rebuild Your Vision Eye Exercise Program is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Your only regret will be that you didn’t find the Rebuild Your Vision Program sooner!

The only regret now is that I didn’t start with the program sooner…

John Thuy

“Yesterday was a big day for me as I had to do the medical check for obtaining a class 1 medical certificate (needed if you want to become an airline pilot according to the European JAR). Three months ago (based on the condition of my eyes then), they told me I would never ever be able to make it because of my eyes. Yesterday, I passed the test flawlessly and got the so much needed certificate! Thanks again Rebuild Your Vision, the only thing I regret now is that I didn’t start with the program sooner.”

John Thuy, Belgium
Testimonial Disclaimer

I only wish I would have known about this program sooner…

“I did the program for 25-35 minutes a day for a full 30 days… I started seeing an improvement in my vision after a couple weeks. My vision was an awful 20/400. I went to the optometrist to see how much I improved. She said “your eyes got a lot better” and asked me what I did. She didn’t have much else to say after that except that “your vision is now 20/200.” I only wish I would have known about this technique 10 years ago before my vision got so bad.”

Roger Sigler, Katy, TX
Testimonial Disclaimer

Here’s What You Get With The Rebuild Your Vision Program:

Eye Exercises - Rebuild Your Vision

Vision Training ManualThe Rebuild Your Vision Training Manual

Inside this training manual you’ll learn everything you need to know to improve you vision naturally. The Rebuild Your Vision Training Manual easily guides you through:

Rebuild Your Vision Charts and ToolsThe Rebuild Your Vision Program Charts & Tools

The Rebuild Your Vision charts and tools are the “weights and treadmill” of the program. They include:

Vision Defense SoftwareThe Vision Defense Software (A $97 Value)

Now you can prevent permanent vision loss that’s caused by computer use with the exclusive Vision Defense Software.

This proprietary software installs onto any computer in just minutes and is fully customizable to how you work.

Best of all it’s easier to use then checking your email!

Natural Vision ImprovementThe Natural Vision Improvement Newsletter Free Subscription (A $54 Value)

Stay up-to-date with our monthly Natural Vision Improvement Newsletter that contains special offers for subscribers only, as well as the latest natural vision improvement news, eye exercises, and vision correction information.

Plus, you’ll gain unlimited access to our newsletter archives!

As You Can See, The Rebuild Your Vision Program Comes With Everything You Need To Improve Your Vision Naturally.

-3.75 and -4.50 prescription to not wearing glasses…

Nancy Fiorillo

“I began my vision improvement on July 13 with the left eye at -3.75 and my right eye at -4.50 with an astigmatism. I now have not worn glasses for the last 4 weeks, I can easily drive, street signs and other yard signs are coming into view much quicker. I am also at times, for a brief moment or two, able to see the words on the TV Channel lineup when scrolling to watch something. This is about 12 feet away from the TV. There are brief moments when everything is clear as a bell, then just slightly blurred. Computer work is still tough, but I sit a little closer and can work without glasses. The behavioral optometrist that I had been seeing had my last prescription at -1.0 and -2.25, but I only had to put those on on a rainy dark night, when I just knew it wasn’t safe to go without them. Other than that, I go without.”

Nancy Fiorillo, Andover, MA
Testimonial Disclaimer

56 years old and can now read street signs from 400 feet…

Tom Mckernan

“I’m 56, male and aware that the ‘rebuildyourvision’ concept works. I found it delightful to see long distance clearly again. From reading street signs at 300 – 400 feet and seeing the details thirty miles away. Just seeing what the mountains have on them, contours, trees, rocks, etc, is great.”

Tom Mckernan, Victoria, AU

Day 6 and left her glasses at home…

Jeanette Nelson

“I have been using the Rebuild Your Vision course for almost a month. Around day 6 of the first week I was taking my husband to work about 6:00 am. It was still dark. At some point I noticed that I was seeing very clearly. I instinctively reached for my glasses and realized that I did not have them on. I am really excited about this vision improvement course and expect to have more stories in the future. Thank you.”

Jeanette Nelson, Hyattsville, Maryland
Testimonial Disclaimer

For argument’s sake, let’s just compare the Rebuild Your Vision Eye Exercise Program to the other two choices you have when it comes to treating your vision problems:

Choice #1: Glasses & Contacts

Glasses and contacts are an ongoing cost. Every year you can easily drop $500 – $800 on a new pair. When you add up the cost over a lifetime, glasses or contacts could easily cost you over $20,000. Ouch!

And glasses and contacts only put a band-aid on the problem. They don’t actually “improve” your vision. Not to mention always feeling handcuffed to them. Once you become dependent on corrective lenses, you need them to do just about anything and everything.

Choice #2: Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is no cheap endeavor either. The average cost of Lasik surgery ranges from $2,000 – $5,000, and there’s still no guarantee that you won’t need your glasses or contacts afterwards.

Many people find that although Lasik works initially, they need their glasses again a few years later. Not to mention all the nasty side effects that have been reported after Lasik surgery, like dry and scratchy eyes, halos around bright objects, glare, starbursts, blurred vision, double vision, sensitivity to light, and difficulty driving at night, just to name a few.

And that’s not all; the following is directly from the Food and Drug Administration:

“After Lasik surgery, patients may still need to wear glasses to perform certain tasks. Also, Lasik can’t reverse presbyopia – that’s the difficulty with near vision that comes with aging. So patients may need to wear glasses for close work and reading, even if they didn’t need them before surgery.”

As you can see, Lasik carries a lot of different risks, can’t be used to reverse the effects of presbyopia, and doesn’t even work as intended in all situations. It’s clearly not the best choice for everybody.

Choice #3: The Rebuild Your Vision Program

The eye exercises in the Rebuild Your Vision Program address the underlying cause of your vision problems and improve your vision from the inside.

There are no ongoing costs or risky side effects. The Rebuild Your Vision Program eye exercises are safe and work quickly and easily. Best of all, you can get the whole program at just a fraction of the cost of glasses, contacts, or laser surgery.

Wanted an alternative to Lasik. Dramatically improves her vision…

JoAnn Jacobson

“I have been using the Rebuild Your Vision program for some time now. I think it has been over a year. Before I used it, I couldn’t really see things far away, since I am nearsighted. I had trouble reading road signs, seeing addresses from the road, license plates, and even some clocks in my house if I was not close enough to them. I read about lasik and even visited a lasik doctor. That was tempting to me to get lasik. But, I wanted something more natural. So, I found out about Rebuild Your Vision, and the rest is history. I am so glad I found out about this program. It has improved my vision, and has given me more confidence. I can now read road signs, license plates, and even addresses now without contacts. I think that is awesome. Thanks so much!”

JoAnn Jacobson, Twin Falls, ID
Testimonial Disclaimer

His son improves to 20/30 and 20/20 in 30 days…

Ralf Haug

“My son very successfully used your program. After about 30 days of using your training he improved from 20/70 and 20/50 to 20/30 and 20/20. Thank You!”

Ralf Haug, Largo, FL

Stopped wearing contacts completely…

Al Rood

“At age 40 I got a .5 correction to see distance better. Over the years (55 now) it went up to 2.0. I wear contacts. When I started your program 4 months ago or so, I stopped wearing the contacts completely and used some older (weaker) glasses 30 minutes a day maximum – typically when driving. So, I am basically living with NO correction.”

Al Rood, Boulder, CO
Testimonial Disclaimer

Now, in My Experience, Most People Over-Promise What Their Product or Service Can Do for You. So, Consider This…

Let’s say you could get the Rebuild Your Vision Program today for $197, and all it did was just stop your vision from getting worse for the next two years.

Remember, I’m drastically understating what the Rebuild Your Vision Program can do.

Would it be worth it?

It’s a no-brainer… Of course it would!

You’d save two to four times that much in new glasses and contacts in one year alone. And the peace of mind knowing your vision isn’t getting worse every year is priceless.

But as you can see from the stories on this website, the Rebuild Your Vision Program over-delivers on what people expect. Their vision improves more then they’d ever dreamed possible and they’re freed from needing glasses or contacts.

So even though the Rebuild Your Vision Program would be a great investment at $197, for a limited time, I’m making you a very special offer I’m positive you can’t refuse.

Instant Program Download
No More Waiting…

Download the entire digital Rebuild Your Vision Program and gain instant access.


Physical Program,
Shipped to Your Door…

Have the entire Rebuild Your Vision Program shipped to your door.


Get Both, Instant Program
Download and Physical Program…

Download the entire digital Rebuild Your Vision Program and gain instant access as we ship you a physical copy of the Rebuild Your Vision Program.


But WAIT! I Want to Make It Even EASIER for You…

Now at this point you may be thinking “Tyler, this all sounds great and I’d love to get started right away, but I’m still a bit skeptical.”

That’s good. After all, you don’t know me from Abe. And I can’t blame you, I was skeptical too in the beginning.

But then I saw what it did for my brother. And, unfortunately, I’ve seen too many people since then who could have truly benefited from the Rebuild Your Vision Program, but didn’t take action. They were scared of being let down by empty promises.

So I designed a way to take all of the risk of getting the Rebuild Your Vision Program off of your shoulders and putting it back onto mine. Because…

I’ll Not Only Let You Try This Entire Program, I’ll Also Guarantee Your Success!

Rebuild Your Vision Guarantee

That’s right… Once you begin the program and start doing the eye exercises, I personally guarantee that you’ll see dramatic improvements in your vision. Otherwise, send it back anytime within the next 365 days and:

So not only can you try the eye exercises in the Rebuild Your Vision Program, your investment is backed again by my one-year unconditional, no questions asked guarantee!

As you can see, the Rebuild Your Vision Program comes with ZERO risk. If the eye exercises in the program don’t deliver, I’m the one who eats his shirt – not you.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you receive the Rebuild Your Vision Program, you’ll quickly see why the program is applauded. Nothing is left to chance.

Everything is completely spelled out for you.

Sure, you could shop around and try to save a few bucks on a less expensive eye exercise program. But do you really want to trust something as important as your vision to some “thrown together” program that costs less then $50?

There have been thousands of hours invested in researching, testing, and creating the most comprehensive natural vision improvement program available.

Over 21,000 people have now used the Rebuild Your Vision Program to help improve their eyesight naturally with eye exercises.

The fact is, the Rebuild Your Vision Program touts over a 94% customer satisfaction rate for one reason – it really works to improve your vision.

Clearly it will make your life easier because within just a few days of doing the eye exercises you can begin to see better than you ever thought possible.

It’ll feel like you have a new set of eyes.

So go ahead and get the Rebuild Your Vision Program today. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll be happy to refund every penny of your purchase. As a matter of fact, I don’t want you to keep it if you’re not blown away by the results it gives you.

However, I know once you start using the Rebuild Your Vision Program and doing the easy eye exercises, you’ll never want to part with it.

Regardless of whether you’re confronted with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or aging vision, you’ll be absolutely amazed as your vision improves.

And I’m willing to bet you’ll be so happy with the improvement in your vision that you’ll tell everyone you know about the Rebuild Your Vision Program.

It really is that effective.

Even if you’re simply curious, you can try the Rebuild Your Vision Program. As soon as you receive the program you’ll discover how powerful these eye exercises really are.

When you consider the cost of doing nothing, clicking away from this website, and continuing on a path of frustrations and worsening vision, you’ll quickly realize you have nothing to lose by trying the Rebuild Your Vision Program.

In just a few short days your eyesight will be sharper and clearer. Your vision will improve. Simply let the program sell itself to you. I promise it will.

Here Are 3 Easy Ways to Claim Your Rebuild Your Vision Program:

Instant Program Download
No More Waiting…

Download the entire digital Rebuild Your Vision Program and gain instant access.


Physical Program,
Shipped to Your Door…

Have the entire Rebuild Your Vision Program shipped to your door.


Get Both, Instant Program
Download and Physical Program…

Download the entire digital Rebuild Your Vision Program and gain instant access as we ship you a physical copy of the Rebuild Your Vision Program.



Call Toll-Free to Order: 1-877-733-4543

If you purchased the Rebuild Your Vision Program physical copy, the program will be shipped via U.S. Postal Service within two business days.

If you purchased the digital Rebuild Your Vision Program, you’ll receive instant access once your order is complete so you can get started with the program immediately.

Take the first step to improving your vision – for life.


Tyler Sorensen

Tyler Sorensen

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