How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally… and Fast!

Our eyes are some of our most precious organs – so we should be doing all we can to take care of them! However, in today’s world, it can be difficult to find the time to really take care of our eyes. But did you know you can improve your eyesight without contacts or glasses? Have you ever tried eye exercises, or proper nutrition for your eyes? Keep reading to find out some simple things you can do every day to improve your vision naturally and fast.

Treat Your Eyes Right

While you may have heard it a thousand times, it is really important to eat right! Eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables will seriously help improve your eyesight and keep it from deteriorating. It is also important to eat the right vitamins to support eye health. Vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A, C, and E, are all important to eye health.

Antioxidants (remember eating carrots for your eyes?) are also a great source of nutrients for healthy eyes. If you don’t think you’re getting the right kinds of vitamins, consider taking a supplement or multi-vitamin.

Our Ocu-Plus Formula actually contains 17 different vitamins, minerals, and herbs you should take to support your eyesight. While taking vitamins won’t completely correct your vision, they are still a very important part of your overall eye health.

Rest Properly

How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally... and FastSupporting your eye health is just one of the many benefits of getting enough sleep and taking breaks during the work day. While you shouldn’t be sleeping on the job, it is still important to rest your eyes once in a while! If you work on a computer all day, your eyes are probably under a lot of strain. Do yourself (and your eyes) a favor by taking a break for about 10 minutes for every 50 minutes spent in front of the screen. Simply close your eyes for a minute or get up and walk around the office. Focus on something that isn’t a screen.

You can also rest your eyes by following the 10-10-10 Rule. This means you should look at something 10 feet away for 10 seconds for every 10 minutes you spend working on the computer!

Additionally, getting around eight hours of sleep a night is incredibly important for your eye health. If your eyes are well-rested, they will be in much better condition! If you currently do not sleep enough or take enough breaks at work, try it out for a week and see the difference it can make!

Perform Eye Exercises

One of the fastest ways to improve your vision naturally is to perform daily eye exercises. Eye exercises are meant to strengthen the eyes and improve vision. Using eye exercises can even eliminate your need for contacts or glasses. Get a regular schedule of eye exercises and try to do them daily – this will help you get in the habit of performing exercises and also help you achieve better vision fast.

First, apply heat to your eyes by rubbing your palms together and then placing them over your eyes. Hold your hands over your eyes for five to 10 seconds, and then repeat. Do this before performing any eye exercises in order to prepare your eyes!

Start exercising by rolling your eyes. Rolling is one of the easiest eye exercises! Without straining your eyes (remember to stop if it hurts), look up as far as you can. Then, look down. Repeat this 10 times. Now look to each side, repeating 10 times. After that, look in each diagonal direction. Finally, roll your eyes in a counter-clockwise motion about 10 times, then reverse the movement and roll them clockwise.

Grab a pen and hold it at arm’s length, making sure the pen is at eye level. Focus on the tip of the pen as you move it closer to your eyes. Stop when you get about six inches away from your face, and focus on the tip as you move it back to arm’s length. Remember to do this slowly and focus on the tip of the pen. Repeat about 10 times.

Massage your eyes after exercising. First, massage your temples with your fingertips or one of your knuckles. Move in a clockwise motion several times, and then switch to a counter-clockwise motion. Massage over your eyebrows and under your eyes as well.

When you’re done exercising and massaging, apply heat to your eyes once more by rubbing your palms together. If your eyes are really tired, close them and rest for a few moments. Resting your eyes frequently, as described in the previous section, is very important to preserving the health of your eyes!

Take Extra Steps!

Our Ocu-Plus Formula is designed to help you improve your vision with eye vitamins. Doing a few simple daily eye exercises along with taking the right vitamins and minerals is the best form of prevention when it comes to common vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Be dedicated to improving and preserving your eye sight now and save yourself from vision loss down the road!

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Eye Health Now

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  1. Parker #

    This is very helpful information. I found the link to the 10-10-10 rule to be the most useful. I work with computers all day and am constantly feeling a strain on my eyes. I will start using the 10-10-10 rule when I get in the office tomorrow. Thank you.

    • Lee #

      Is the exercise effective so far @Parker? I’ve tried a few others for a few months and it was not helpful at all. Is the 10-10-10 rule effective?

      • Anonymous #

        I am so sad about my eyes

      • Anonymous #

        Yaa its helped

      • #


      • Anonymous #

        Yes.Ihave benefitted.

      • Anonymous #

        Really it works

      • Anonymous #

        It is useful if you do it regularly.

    • Short sightness guy #

      This is really helpful now i can see clearly 2m away but i still need to keep doing!

      • Anonymous #

        Really this helped you??

      • Anonymous #

        how long did you do it for?

      • sad guy #

        what about 200 does it also work

      • Anonymous #

        I hate it

      • garrydhillon #

        how much time takes you to make your eyes good

      • Thomas Andrew Stover #

        send me the eye exercises you do i would really appreciate it cause my eye sight is horrible and i am needing and wanting to get my eye sight back.

      • Anonymous #

        How long do you do the exercises I try and try once a day should I do them twice a day?

      • Someone very blind # #

        How high is your prescription because I have like -4.50 and -4.00 and I can’t see well after 8 inches of distance

      • shining #

        Is it really helpful ???

      • farah #

        what are you doing with your eyes

      • Niti #

        Really? What are the things that you did? like what did you eat or did you do exercise?

      • rhianna #

        I Did these steps and after I did it once I could see everything on my computer when before everything was blurry.
        thankyou soo much

        I will keep on practising

      • Kinny #

        Way did you do… help me with this… I have short sight. Left -1 Right -0.5

      • Anonymous #

        How long did it take you to improve

      • Alok Dhan #

        Really !!

      • Anonymous #

        Are u sure this helped….

      • M #

        Did it really help? Please guide me. I have really bad eyesight. My number is somewhere 7 8 now for both eyes. I think it might go to 9 and I want to prevent it. Please help!

      • Anonymous #

        Really.let me know

      • Anonymous #

        how many times did you practise a day and how many days did it take you to see clearly

      • ajay sharma #

        plz tell me solutions

      • Talia or Tali #

        This does NOT work at all. In fact, it actually ruined my eyesight. I had an eye appointment today and they said that I needed a higher prescription…… Just kidding!!! Ha! Bet I fooled ya, huh?

      • jitendra #

        It is possible

      • Amelia #


    • Nicki Minaj #

      I think it was the 20_20_20

      • Anonymous #

        Yes it WAS

      • Anonymous #

        It is 20-20-20

    • Arihant chajjed #

      I am soon sad that I lost my eye version now I will try this exercise

      • Anonymous #

        How you got

      • Chinaza #

        U lost ur sight as a result of refractive error or what, so sorry pls try d excercise it must surely help

      • Anonymous #

        Thaks for helping me

    • Anonymous #

      It is 20-20-20 rule not 10-10-10

      • Fawad Ahmed #

        both are rules (both correct).

    • Anonymous #

      guys, if the 10-10-10 doesn’t work well, try 20-20-20 or 30-30-30. it works more well

    • Coco #

      Very helpful!

    • Karen Mitto #

      I will definitely do these practices daily
      Thanks for sharing such vital and easy steps in improving our eyes as I make progress in this manner of care with my eyes I am definitely gonna share

  2. Lilia Dizon #

    Thank you for sharing educational wisdom to have bless heathy natural vision. The eye exercise is gentle movement that our eyes truly will enjoy simple however refreshing and relaxing. The good nutrition in our whole being is vital and essential.

    • MAYANK #

      Your views along with proper hygiene will raise the efficiency.

      • Anonymous #


      • Mick #

        He he Ha ha

    • Nala #

      It is yoga one of the ancient exercises practiced in India

      • Tom #

        Howling does it take to get to 20/20 vision

      • Anonymous #

        Did this work?

    • Santosh dey #

      I had minus 4 in two eyes, at the age of 29, one of my friend advice to eat little fish, carrot. I eat too much carrot, now i am in job and study presure is less. Now at 30 age my eye power is -3 in both eye. Try to take right food everyday, exercise a lot, now i had to keep eye on phone and lap as i am in fmcg sales, inspite of that my eyesight is improving.

      • Siva #

        Mr.Santosh Dey,
        Do you mean, you eat lot of carrot and then your eyesight improved isn’t?
        Please let me know, I am in a dire situations?

      • Someone who is fed up of glasses #

        This encourages me



    • brayden #

      Hi im started to do the eye exercise do I still wear glasses while I do the exercise?

      • Anonymous #


      • Anonymous #

        No you don’t actually wear them

      • .... #


      • Anonymous #

        No it is not necessary

      • Inder. #

        No,I think u had to do it properly

      • A meme #

        Try not to wear them often but if you need to wear them at specific situations go ahead but not too long so your eyes don’t rely too heavily on your glasses

      • Anna #


    • Anonymous #


      • Ahbab Shafi #

        Bro can it work i have refractive error..?

    • Anonymous #

      It worked *really* wow I am trying it!

  4. R Scott Alden #

    I, too have found that eyes exercises can work wonders. It takes a while, but it’s totally worth it. Thanks!

    • Anonymous #

      I hope it works

    • Anonymous #

      How long did it take for your eyes to heal just with exercising your eyes.

    • Anonymous #


  5. Stephanie #

    Thank you, I have just started, very relaxing it will get even better as I continue. God bless you for sharing …..

    • Anonymous #

      How long

    • Omansh #

      U did this with or without spects?

      • Brijit #

        Do any eye exercise without specs..

      • Anonymous #

        Without specs

  6. Pratik #

    This is very helpful information regarding healthy eye sight …Thanks very much..

  7. Eye exercises are great! Not many people think to do them, but they not only help keep your vision healthy, but they can also help if you have a headache!

  8. Sarim #

    hey i find this very helpful, thanx but cn anyone tell me that how much time this takes to improve your eyesight??

    • Bob #

      Your eyesight won’t imporve because these excercises won’t work. The “everybody is different” claim is just a cop out to tell people when it doesn’t work.

      • Anonymous #

        Shut up. Anything is possible, you just don’t believe.

      • Anonymous #

        Never mind. Sorry I was mad. I feel that they do work but that’s just me. Sorry

      • Warren #

        Well they are working for me Bob and others so how can you say they won’t work? How can you make a statement like that? I have an eye test to prove it. Why do people make comments like this and then make themselves look like a proper idiot?

      • ....... #

        Have you even tried the eye excersizes? I did and it worked so dont say anything if unless you did.

      • Anonymous #

        I asked an option about this and they said not possible but I still tried

      • Tracie #

        These exercises were prescribed to me in my youth because I was born cross-eyed and later had major eye surgery to correct that at 11 months old. These were prescribed to strenghten my eyes, keep them straighter and helpme to focus on small objects.This exercise also helped keep me from getting eye strains that I sometimes would get. I hated doing these, but it really does help. I was told to do the movement very slowly…

      • Anonymous #

        hey mister bob.. careful with your word .. know what.. it actually helps people

    • tori #

      1-6 Months?

    • :(): #

      Until you see that your eye vision improves or you go to a doctor

    • Rony #

      If u continue doing this exercise 3 years u can get the results

      • Wali barak #

        Are u sure its to long

      • Anonymous #


  9. Lanamahana #

    @Sarim: Much like with other physical exercise (and diets), it depends on the person. And changes don’t occur overnight. (Our vision didn’t get bad overnight either) Commitment to doing it correctly and consistently will bring faster results. The more you do it the easier it gets. The easier it gets, it’s time to increase the challenge (in exercise, that means more reps/more weight). After 30 days (6 days of effort per week), there is almost always definite (VISABLE-literally) measureable improvement. (If not, maybe there more going on=health issue?) And as with exercise, once you attain your desired goal, you can go on a maintenance schedule which is less frequent, easy and gratifying! Good luck!

    • Anonymous #

      Ty so much I actually needed to find this

  10. LALITA #


    • sneha #

      3 times in day

      • unnown #

        I totally believe in this I’m willing to try it !!!but a question how can you not wear your glasses if you can’t see the chalk board?

      • himanshu #

        what you want

  11. kumar #

    good reply .but can we really remove glasses in these methods….???

    • lucas #

      Yes, If you put in the time and effort into it.

    • jashan #


  12. jack #

    you know, sometimes we think that a lot of things in life is impossible to happen……. But one day we see that we were wrong and only emotionnel factors make us think about this unability to reach our purpose. but will power and hardworking can show good results and pleasure us “No pain, no gain”

    • ajmal #

      can you help me to get rid of glasses

  13. The Eye Girl #

    Hi! Thank you for this helpful text! I’ve got lazy eye, and wonder if you can give me some videos to look while I’m improving my left eye (myopia). Love this! I’m so happy, thanks! Now, let’s go, lazy eye…

    • Eye fighter #

      I don’t think so its helpdul . It may take 1_2 years

    • rosetta #

      Me too! i also have a -0.75 in my left eye n my mom told me to check this out ! gonna try it for sure. my mom had -0.25 and she did this exercise it took only 30 days her problems went poof!

  14. Anonymous #


    • Anonymous #

      Does this exercise actually work

      • Foy #

        Does this actually work with astigmatism??

      • unnown #


  15. mayank #

    thanks…i think this will make some difference…

  16. Zelba #

    Wonderful excercise is kind to both my left and right eye. Glasses have been removed just after, 3 WEEKS. THANKYOU. WILL INFORM AFTER MANY DAYS PROGRESS REPORT. Eyes are continue to be health and IN GOOD MEDICAL PRACTICE.

    • jack #

      3 weeks? awesome, with these excercises as described? wow.

      • Anonymous #


    • mustafa #

      how much time you devoted in those 3 weeks, is it hard?

    • Anonymous #

      OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Just 3 weeks? Superb yaar, can u tell me what u did in 3 weeks even i 2 want to reduce my eye sight plz reply as soon as possible

    • Wali barak #

      Are u sure

  17. prabhakar #

    I think it will be useful. So i will try till the best. Can anyone tell How much time it will take to remove our glasses ?

  18. Ansha #

    oh ya, this is really v.good i thank u guyz a lot 4 sharing this article.Good job

  19. nice #


  20. popadora #

    Thanks so much!!!!! 😀

  21. hello #

    idk if this really works hope it does

  22. azinaf #

    Thanx fr these awsome excercises

  23. Anonymous #

    i will try this

  24. sri #

    can anyone tell me how much time it will take to remove glasses?

    • Hema Gupta #

      Hello sir
      I had dreamt of Indian Air Force but due to nearsightedness I am unable to join it .So I started eye exercises but rather of improving it deteriorate.Plz help me

  25. Daniela #

    This is really cool, and i just started wearing glasses last year… so i really regret reading in the dark, which made my eyesight more blurry, and i didn’t deep enough, it actually relieves my eyes, so this is really cool, I’m really excited for my ned eye test, to see if my eyes got better… thnx!!!

    • Kapes #

      I’m gona try this for sure.But my question is while doing practice, we were supposed not to wear glasses but during other time like on screen, or black board etc we have to wear.Doesnt it will have a nullifying effect that will lead to stress.pleade help

      • Amith #

        I’m starting it now……
        I think we can wear
        But not during practice

  26. Yeh #

    how often dyu do these eye exercises?? how many times per day?? reply asap plz

    • Neya #

      I think 3 times a day

  27. rizwan khan #

    My left eye power is -1.25and righteye 0.75 im doing eye excercises from one month plz tell me how much time it will take to get 20/20 visionplz tell coz i hate glass

    • Anonymous #

      Hi dear have u improved ur eyesight by this exercise plz reply thnx

    • Anonymous #

      I have the same prescription as you. Anyways in the summer I used to do eye exercises and my doctor said it would take me around seven months to get 20/20. I wouldn’t know though, because everyone’s different, but I would say around 6 months maybe

  28. beike #

    just comment for fun

  29. Marco #

    Thanks very interesting

  30. Patti #

    I, too want to be a fighter pilot but got bad eyesight. This help me a lots, but it take time and patience to do so.

    • Nagesh #

      How many times you do eye exercise per day

  31. Geeta #

    Thanks for the insightful, credible info. I believe 100% this can work. These exercises will improve circulation to the eyes and relieve tension to the eye muscles. With perseverance and patience the desired goal can be achieved by suitable candidates.

  32. Kong #

    I just found this helpful information this morning.
    I have problems with my eyesight, and it also cause a headache.
    Even I just practice for the first time, I can relax my eyes a lot, and they seem to be better.

    Thank you very much for this post.

  33. nabil #

    Thanks a bunch that is very helpful …..and your story was very inspiring. …… <3XD;-)

  34. mohammed #

    how longtime take htis exercise to imrove my eyesight

  35. Anna #

    If anyone feels their eyesight has improved, can you please comment? i just want proof.

    • MAYANK #

      It did work.

      • Amy #


  36. Kashish #

    My left eye has a number of about 2.75 and right eye has about 3.25 . I am wearing glasses for about 3years I really really hate these glasses I want my 20/20 vision back . How will it take for me if I do it regularly once a day. Pls reply fast

  37. lal mohd #

    Sir, I am using glasses since 2005, and my eye sight is approx, ( -2).. If i do by when my eyesight can be improve

  38. Brayden #

    Do I still wear glasses while I’m doing the eye exercises

  39. Ricardo Martinez #

    Yeah do you still wear glasses while doing this exercise

  40. Ally #

    I wear glasses and they irritate me and I managed to find this site. I attempted to do these exercises. My brother had caught me reading the eye exercises and attempting them. He asked me, “What are you doing?” I told him “I’m doing eye exercises.” I explained to him how they are supposed to improve my vision. He just looked over the article, and said “That’s not possible. No such thing.” and he walked out. I really hope this works so I can, not only get better vision, but to be able to prove him wrong.

  41. Denaij #

    I hope this works . I need my vision back

  42. Anonymous #

    sir, I have nearsightedness only in left eye (-1.5) and my right eye is perfect. Is it fine to do the exercise with just one eye and the other one closed

    • Anonymous #

      Same here…. Wit hthe power….if anyone knows anything about this…. Please let me knoe….. Should i do it with one eye closed…. And shoukd i have my glasses on while doing the excercise?

  43. Robert Jackson #

    Best not to strain them. My left eye is blurry. Fathers fault lol. Supposed to get it taken out when i was younger. Ah well, nobody probably cares anyway.

  44. Warren #

    I have been doing this daily for about 1 year. I went in for my drivers heavy truck medical last week and at the end I was told that my eye sight had improved considerably from the previous year. I still wear glasses but can manage things without them now. It is taking a long time and may take a few more years before I no longer need glasses but it only takes 10 minutes a day and costs me absolutely nothing.

    • Anonymous #

      is that only take for 1 year?

  45. Daniel #

    Can i do just one of the exersize?

    • Anonymous #

      You won’t get any benefit from doing just the one exercise.

  46. Anonymous #

    this knowledge helps me thank and keep it up

  47. Anonymous #

    Makes me fell happy that there is something i can do

  48. KRISHNA #

    same as ur dream of navy fighter pilot , i too have my ambition on the same line my myopic eye sight is -.1.25 , i need to bring it to -0.7 within one month . plz suggest some techniques to my eyesight as quick as possible .

  49. dalaar #

    yeah tnx for this info.. hope so that there will be difference after trying this


    Thanx for sharing this information..

    We need to understand that eyes need regular exercise.

    I hope best for everyone.

  51. Hannah #


  52. Anon #

    How long does the eye rolling treatment thing work?

  53. shekar #

    Thank u

  54. Abid bilal #

    Can anyone suggest me the best and the perfect way to improve my eyesight. Let me tell one thing more that my left eye is normal n the right is on +2.00.
    I need this to be improved fastly.

  55. tjamz #

    I have a weak eyes… and I don’t wear glasses …is my eyes going to become worst?….if i don’t wear glasses?

  56. Twin #

    I would definitely recommend eye exercises , you will see results within days of training. Keep in mind that this doesn’t happen over night , you have to be willing to do these exercises tired eyes or not.

  57. Anonymous #

    That’s really good……….. 🙂

  58. vineeth patel #

    hi I am vineeth , my goal is IPS officer but I have 1.5 eye sight , I have glasses, but I don’t want glasses , what I do,please advise me

  59. Arya #

    Hi All,

    I am wearing glasses for last 7 years and I am so lazy that know this exercise I never followed it.
    I would share true story:
    My Friend Rajeev was my classmate and he used to wear glasses, He learnt this exercise from one of the yoga guru and he followed the practice for six month and he was able to get his eyesight improve and glasses were removed.
    This is a form of yoga, when ancient days does not have power glasses or leaser surgery the yoga guru used to suggest this exercise to the people.
    So it is proven fact that it will improve your eyesight.

    I will start this exercise and hope when I get my eyesight improved, I will comeback to this site and post the fact.


    • Anonymous #

      What is the practice, do you know?

    • Anonymous #

      Did it work

  60. Pinoy Boy #

    After each excercise do I need to wear my glasses or take them off?

  61. Varun #

    These exercises are recommended by Indian doctors and it is a part of YOGA and is really helpful. India wants that whole world will learn Yoga to improve health. Thats why YOGA day is made and celebrated Internationally.

    • Suraj #

      Hey bro i m suraj, can u suggest me some yoga procedure??

  62. Myranda #

    Hi, I wear glasses and I’m doing the eye excerises and should I still wear my glasses? I don’t want to start getting good vision by the eye excerises then lose it by wearing my glasses.

    • Anonymous #

      I take mine off.

    • GregK #

      Hi Everyone,
      I will answer many questions here to help you :
      1- When you wear glasses, your eye muscles do not get any workout, so
      if possible take your glasses off as much as possible.
      2- Constant, regular exercising of the eyes as described above will improve them,
      just stay with it for months, since all eyes are different.
      3- If you understand why you go to the gym to exercise your back, shoulders or legs,
      then you will know eye exercises will work, it just takes time- be patient, stay with it.
      4- When I must stand in line at a store or get a red light while driving a car- I just do
      a few eye exercises.
      5- It is best to do 5 short eye sessions a day instead of one long session.
      6-I have gained benefits by doing these exercises. 7 years ago it took very little time to improve them, but now I still improve my eyes, but it does take a little longer- but it does work.
      7- Lutein vitamin pills have helped also.
      8- Exercise done gently on all muscles will help, so do this with your eyes, it is only muscles that help focus to see or read.
      9 – All the best, patience and practice daily improves most conditions.
      10- Exercises with or without wearing glasses – it does not matter, but slightly
      better exercising without glasses if possible. Be gentle with yourself.

  63. jimmy #

    Gi after you get your 20/20 vison back do you still need to do these exercise

    • unnown #

      I have the same axact question Jimmy do you know the answered?

  64. Maryam Iman #

    After I do the eye exercises, can I wear spectacles immediately after doing the exercises?

    • Anonymous #

      This will really works?????

  65. Marwan Abdulrahman #

    Would it work if I exercise with my glasses on?

    • Evan Ni #

      Probably no.

  66. Omega #

    i forgot to ask some thing…
    i use tablets and tv and computer so much in a day does it affect my vision improvement speed?!

    and do the exercises get greater effect if i do them more than recommended times for each day?!

    please answer me im waiting thanks

    • Kat #

      They are what caused yourself to get glasses, so try to refrain using them a lot or just continue wearing glasses.

  67. kartik #

    it is verrrrry good for our eyes

  68. mildred moonga #

    its a good thing and i will try it, beause i have a problem of eye sight.

    thank you so much

  69. Rahul Ranjan singh #

    I hope I will get my 20/20 eyesight back by following these exercises.

  70. ram teja #

    This very helpful information of my life. Because, i decided to join in army and it’s my dream

    and i heard for that, it requires good eye vision.

    thanks for Tyler SORENSON for sharing his ideas

  71. moses #

    I have been using glasses for over 10 years now and I am 0n +3. Can you tell me if i stand a chance of ever doing away with the glasses if I continue with these exercises?

    How long will it take me to register any imrovement.

  72. JASMINE #

    Thanks Tyler for sharing this valuable knowledge….I was really sad about my weak eye sight but your story gave a hope that one day I will also correct my eyesight…Thanks again 🙂

  73. Awful eyesight #

    I have awful eyesight, but I’m hoping that this will help me!! It seems very useful so far!! God Bless you for sharing this!

  74. Doreen #

    Thanks a lot

  75. Nadiyah90 #

    Do these really work? I just went to my eye doctor a few hours ago and he told me that I have become even more nearsighted. I really don’t want to wear glasses for the rest of my life.

  76. Ani #

    Hi, i have myopia with -5.5 , will this excercise improve my eye power

  77. ash #


  78. Mohini #

    How often should I do the exercises?
    And how much time will it take?

  79. anonymous #

    i hate my eyes

  80. Franz #

    Thank you for the tips 😀

  81. kavitha #

    i have -1 on both eyes plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz anybody say me how to get rid of glasses….i hate wearing spectacles…………….

  82. nageswar #

    Thank u I will reduce my eye sight and I will become commado

  83. Ruby #

    My daughter z seven & half .se diagnosed with nearsighteness of -3.25 in right eye & -3.5 in left eye.recenty se wore glasses. Suggest me some exercises. I dont like burden of glasses on her.

    • Rocky #

      My daugher 6 and half also dignosed myopia with -4 D for both eyes.My heart is broken for this news.I would like to do everything to recover her eyesight.Can we share information.Can we try together to improve both our daughters?

  84. Jordz #

    I will try all the exercises. Hoping for an improvement in my eyesight.

    • aynonamous #

      I have been doing these exercises for about 5 days now and already notice a diff.

  85. Anonymous #

    I have started these exercises about 5 days ago and already have noticed a difference.

  86. Daniel Lyons #

    i was born with 20/8 vision in both eyes. right from a kid upto around the age of 26. a very full on intense lasershow robbed me of this level of acuity. at best now i am at 20/15. this was a very painful pill to swallow tbh despite the fact i still see well by any opticians standards.

    is it possible that these excersises can improve my distance focus ??? i don’t expect to ever see like i used to but i would be over the moon if there is a small chance that i could improve my vision… even just a little bit.

    also… does anyone know how hereditary eyesight is ? ie what are the chances of my children inheriting my exceptional distance vision ?

    thanks for reading.

    • A #

      It’s too bad you don’t expect it. because it’s possible. the sight can be continued to improve constantly.

      • Daniel Lyons #

        hey thanks for reply. what excersises do you recommend to get the ball rolling ?

        I have had many eye tests, one by a consultant. They say my eyes are perfectly round, no astigmatism and no long sightedness. I can see right up close fine now and before the damage occurred.

        From my research and discussions I suspect the damage is to my corneas as these are the lenses and also what they remould during LASIK surgery.

        I presently work on focusing on text up as close as possible and then as far away as possible. It has been nearly 4 years since the night the damage was done and I do believe there has been a regreasion albeit a small one. I think I am seeing detail into the distance slightly better than back 4 years ago but nothing like my vision used to be.

        Thanks for reading the very long reply, I do appreciate it. And just to warn anybody off as to not end up in my predicament…

        If you are out somewhere where they are scanning the audience with laser energy (particularly multi colour / full spectral range) at a very high energy, please go with your instinct and turn away or just leave the room. It is not worth losing your vision for the rest of your life over 1 impressive lasershow.

        Anyways im ranting now so peace and thanks for listening.

      • Veryyy worst sight #

        I’m having -6&-5.5 sight and using contact lenses now from last 1 and half years.
        I want to do these exercises but after completion of the exercises should I have to use these contact lenses for my daily routine??
        Please reply..I’m totally confused.. Please help me..

  87. Shivam #

    Hi Tyler
    Can I exercise twice a day on a daily basis?
    Please reply

  88. Guddu #

    Yes it works.

  89. Ksi #

    Thank you so much!

  90. rob anderson #

    my left eye is -.75 & my rt. eye is 6/6….. but i want to put off my spects….
    only just putting this spects… without doing any exercise…but eating my healthy diet …could it be fixed ? & in how much time ?…. pls reply to it { urgent}

  91. Khwarnyolwin #

    Do I need to wear glasses within exercises? Please kindly reply me?

  92. YourMOM101 #

    10 minutes of some of the eye exercise’s and a lot of others, and already I’m starting to notice a significant amount of change, but 10 minutes is not enough.

  93. Anonymous #

    Hi i have also vision problems and i use glasses and could you tell will doing the excercise should i wear my glasses

  94. Anonymous #

    umm my vison is like 300/20 does this still work?

  95. Mary #

    Is this really proven and these people actually improved their vision and wear no glasses now?

  96. Manisha #

    Hey … wanna ask u question …. How Much time will These exercises taken to improve my eyesight ?? And how many minutes we should do this exercises daily ?? Plz reply .. Need help .. Thank u in advance

  97. Ann Onymous #

    THANK YOU! This is awesome advice. My eyes are already feeling better and I can see farther.

  98. Aditya Bisht #

    When I’m in class 5 my eye sight weak I did not told in home and did not wear glasses
    4 year later my eye sight become very weak I’m didn’t see blackboard
    I see score on TV with the range of 30 – 40 cm away
    Please help me what should I do
    Wear spectacle or not
    Is wear lens is best

  99. Anish #

    I have 4.25 eyesight . Should I wear glasses ?

  100. Anish #

    Should I wear glasses while performing the exercise?

    • Anonymous #

      No you should not, since if you wear glasses during the exercises, you are basically not “training” your eyes back to 20/20

  101. Sai #

    I want to become an police cop but i hava hypermetropia long sightness plase reply tomy coment what to do what not to do

  102. Random Idiot #

    Refrain from using computers, phones, and other devices with a screen.
    My computer(s) ruined my eyesight pretty much, so yeah. I can still see things perfectly fine up close though. Squinting my eyes makes me see things far away slightly clearer, but can blur up other things.
    But glasses add character though, don’t they?

  103. Toby #

    Off recent i stopped bein dependant on my glasses and just use my eyes as it is, focusin and strainin em when doin anythin esp watchin the TV and when outdoor but i occasionally use my glasses in class lectures tho wen the need calls. It has helped a great deal. I’ll try to improve my nutrient. Hope it turns out well guys! Thanks.

  104. Raphael #

    What I read is really interesting and I will start the exercise as well follow the eyes healthy eating. Thank you.

  105. aniket #

    Hey plss tell me how much times it take to improve eyesighy complete. Plss tell me fast I want perfect vision.

  106. gta5 #

    I cant see far things cleare and to improve it I m doing eye exercises an eating 2 to 3 carrots per day. How time it will take please tell .thx

  107. Ruchi #

    I m 35 yrs old. Got my eyecheck up done.-2.50 sph/cyl in d right eye n -2.00sph -2.75 cyl in d left . Dr has suggested me to wear spects seriously. Is it possible to get back the vision with this exercises and if i do exercises do i ve to wear spects while continuing the exercise. Please helpp!!

  108. nathan #

    what am i supposed to do

  109. jaideep rawat #

    my left eye is 6/6 but my right eye is 3/6 will it work my dream is also to join Indian navy pls rply

  110. Naisha #

    It’s not so good but nice

  111. DancingBanana3212321 #

    It’s sad to see how much of this page is actually just comments.

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    Thanks man.This really helped me and my family.I hope everybody will find it usefull

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    This is really amazing .. this.information really helps who want improve eyes…
    Just do one thing, vth positve hope do the exersice and v.soonly get the results…its really working frds….try it…….

  116. Ollie #

    Hi! I have extremely weak eyes and I know it. However, i have never told anyone and I don’t wear glasses. My no. will probably be somewhere around -3.50 (too much ik). Will these exercises really work? And how much time will they take?

  117. Srikar #


  118. Pragati #

    Should we do exercise with specs or without specs?

  119. Somebody #

    Im going to try this! I feel like i actually have a chance now. Wish me luck~

  120. Osman #

    Hi please how can I improve my eye sight? Thanks

  121. Ivan Baruc #

    THIS exercises worked when I did this. I did it everyday and it worked. But don’t play video games all day. Play 2 hours then 2 hours break and exercise your eyes

  122. Alexis #

    Hi i need help on the exercise should i do them more than once everday im very sad i need glasses im very scare to wear them csn someone tell me how long should i do them please!!!!!!!

  123. randhir #

    my daughter get spectacles at age of 8.with power how to get rid from spectacles.

    • Anonymous #

      Hehe very bad request her to give up tv and mobile

  124. abhishek #

    My lasik has not successful .0.5 is reduced my medical will be on 30_9_2016 in indian army. Plz tell solution me

  125. h kaur #

    I hope this will be help me to improve my eyesight

  126. Pam #

    I always had 20/20 vision however last couple of years I have need glasses. Do these exercises work for the older generation? I am 58

  127. Hari Eeshwar #

    Can we improve and preserve eye sight for myopic eyes?

  128. Ballentina #

    Really this works?

  129. hapiee Anil #

    Just Do one thing
    Follw the rules upto 1week u really observe a change
    Do the exercise 3times mor,aft,n8
    take a more protins every time before the exercise take afruits .morning &n8 take aglass of milk.daily take a3types of fruits.
    Continye this steps upto 1week.
    If any improvement r any dissatisfaction is there plz reply….

  130. Naina_ #

    My Eyesight Is Very Weak, So Should I Go For Laser Eye Surgery?

    • Marry #

      No it’s not Gud ….my eyes is more week with laser

  131. Rohan dulal #

    follow the instructions given by the doctor

  132. Aneel #

    I got eye sight -0.5 both the eyes I don’t want to wear spects. If I do this. exercise no need to wear right.

    Plz help me

  133. Aisha #

    I have lost side vision in both my eyes and have low vision will this excercise help get my eyesight better I have really bad vision

  134. Marry #

    Is its is really helpful advice I think my eyesight is week day bay day ….I need my eyes back ….6.6…but my is 4.2

  135. Vishnu #

    I’ve -2d power in both eyes
    Can siraasana (type of yoga) help me..

  136. Anonymous #

    Nothing is possible by the yoga .eye sight improvement by yoga(in youtube).just go with that u will soonly observe a improvement.

  137. drishpi #

    This is very imp Info. I find the result within 6 months after doing proper use ….my left eye vision was -4 .5 & right eye vision was 5.0 BT now my vision is gradually decreased & became 2 & 1.25 … it’n gud news for all specsies .. BT do it with proper effort & don’t forget to eat carrot ,milk at least 4 glasses of cow ,vegetables & fruits like apple

    • Nagesh #

      How many times we need to do this eye exercise per day
      And after doing eye exercise, can we wear our glasses on

  138. Anonymous #

    Everyone have hope it will work one day, just be patient

  139. Sunny #

    I want to ask that when the exercises you do wheather it is 10mins or 20mins, after that when we again wear spects, then doesn’t it reflects back the number to the orignal one???Does it requires continuous change in our spects number?

  140. Syed Zawar Hussain #

    yooga exercise to improve eye sight

  141. Sumitra #

    Will all eye exercises work

  142. Anonymous #

    eye exercises work is good for improve eye sight

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    Hii i have -2.0 in both the eyes will this exercise work for my eyes to get my version back plzzz doo help mee…????

  144. Ahmed #

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  145. tien #

    how long do you have to do it for before you can start to notice any improvements?

  146. Anonymous #

    My eye number increases by every 3 to 4 months what can i do

  147. Nikhil tale #

    My eye number increases by every 3 to 4 months what can i do

  148. Anne #

    Sir pd67mm ka kya mtlb??i want to join army but this?

  149. Anonymous #

    I am just trying this for the first time will it work. my eyes are badly damaged

  150. unnown #

    do you keep doing these exercises even after you heal them?

  151. Unknown #

    It is helpful

  152. Irfan #

    How many times do you do the exercise a day?

  153. Wali barak #

    So how many months will it take
    To improve

  154. Winnie #

    The power of my right eye is -6.5 and left eye is 8.5 So what can I do to improve my eyesight coz I had been doing these exercises since 2 years

  155. Jamie #

    Today at work i had to read an eye chart, I’m a 46 year old female. I have been wearing cheaters about two years. I am up to +2.00. Well eye test didn’t go to well. I had to stand 20 feet away and read the smallest line i could. I read line 8 with my left eye and line 4 with my right. I was so upset with this. So I did some research and found this sight. Did my first eye exercises just now. I’m typing this on my small tablet without my cheaters. I could see the words really good without them for about 5 mins. I will keep up these exercises.

  156. vinod joshi #

    i liked it

  157. Prasanth #

    One simple question. Do you need to do this test wearing glass or without glass?

    • Agent Blue #

      Eye exercises should be done without glasses. Also, blinking your eyes at times or sprinkling it with water, so that it doesn’t become dry helps.

  158. Gracey #

    I find the informations and tips so helpful for a beginner that i am.

  159. Noob #

    my eyesight is ( myopia ) 0.75 + i have cylindrical number

    how to improve it ?

  160. 1257478 #

    do u do the exercises with or without glasses

    • Anonymous #

      without glasses

  161. Lance lou #

    For three nights I didn’t sleep,starring at the my phone screen till daybreak.
    Now lm cannot bearly see things from a distance like it used to see before.
    Is that temporary blindness or m I blind already.pls help I am really concern.

  162. Muthish #

    I have glare on vision problem .. How to over come form it

  163. Muneeba #

    10 feet away for 10 sec after every 10 min.. we have to focus with glasses r without glasses?

  164. vaibhav #

    What should I do my number of eyes is -ve11

  165. Anonymous #

    Meri right eye ka numbr 3.75 h or left ka 3.50 h starting me meri njr 1.0 thee or tb se bdtee hee jaree h km nhi hori m kya kru jis se meri aankhe 1dm sahi ho jaye ya km se km to ho hee jae

  166. Anonymous #

    yes, these exercises work IF you put your time amd effort into it.

    you dont wear your specs while doing them.

    it takes about 6 months to see a significant difference.

    i did these 3 times a day, half an hour.

    the exercises i did were the ones stated in this article. (and other stuff i found on youtube)

    both my eyes were about -2 when i first started. 8 months later, they were much better, like -0.75. i’m so happy >_<

    i wore glasses ever since i was in gr1 and i regret not doing this sooner ;-;
    but i'm almost there to 20/20, and i just have to continue doing these exercises and stay positive.

    if anyone is at doubt and believes that it doesn't work, you're wrong. tbh i didnt believe either

    just keep doing them and you'll get there!

  167. Jshcnjsj #

    How long will this take to get 20/20 vision

  168. Nearsighted guy #

    I will force myself to do these no matter what!

  169. Lizzie #

    Is this a placebo? I tried doing this because my vision is blurry in the mornings…but it just made it worse.

  170. Hooyah #

    This really helped my eyesight. I am now able to go to BUD/S for the Navy SEALs without eye surgery.


  171. Reza.B #

    Thanks so much.
    That was informative and useful.

  172. Nancy #

    My eyes are very very week ..!! Will these activities help me?

    • Paras #

      Of course they will if you do them daily for a (long maybe) period of time

  173. Chedward #

    Wouldn’t heating a wash cloth and using that be more efficient to warm your eye

    • John #

      Was thinking the same thing

  174. RAJESH #

    My eye vision is 6/18.
    Can i improve my eye vision 6/9 with glass within one month???????? please reply me

  175. Paras #

    When i move my eyes down the eye lids nearly close, is that normal and is watering of the eyes a little during the exercises normal ?

  176. Anurag #

    Yes it helped

  177. Anonymous #

    Honestly tell me…. Do these exercise s really works
    Has anyone experienced the results??

    • GGGGG #

      It has positive effects
      For me at least

  178. marzia #

    please guide me….

  179. Randeep Singh #

    Also you should sprinkle water water into your eyes with your mouth filled with air. (Your cheeks should kind of blow up like a balloon) Do this every night before sleeping and you should be able to improve your eyesight. Make sure the water is clean. Use drinking water if you like.

  180. John #

    This actually helped my vision now

  181. Anonymous #

    Sir please help me, my goal requires perfect eyesight i had 2.5 sight i should overcome it in exact 2 years suggest the best method which will surely overcome my sight please reply me please

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  183. Rahul #

    What to do if you are already suffering from mytopia, hypermetropia or presbyopia?

  184. Kiwahang rai #

    I am a very much inspired and motivated from this i will leave the glasses and try to improved cure my eye sight more practically…im a 18 years boy from Nepal….Thank you very much for providing such a great information..

  185. William #

    I am doing eye exercises. After completing them I will wear glasses . Is this procedure is correct or not? Please tell me.

  186. Evie #

    Have these worked for anybody??? I have been doing these exercises for a little while, but I have not felt like they have done any thing. Does anybody know how long it will take, and have these worked for anybody that could give me tips on how to do them.

    • Anonymous #

      I have a -1.50 myopia and the exercises had sort of helped me. But I heard that if you start changing your habits like instead of playing video games all day, you can go outside to play, et. cetera. Eye exercises do take a while (if you have low myopia like me, maybe a week or two, not sure)

  187. Anonymous #

    Help! My myopia is -1.50 and is beginning to rise up! Any other way than eye exercises and 10-10-10 rule?! PLEASE HELP ASAP!

  188. Arushi Rajvanshi #

    It is really helpful!

  189. ask #

    hey guys, the exercices really help. just keep doing it. just keep doing it. just keep it. and you will SEE the results.

  190. Vipin #

    I’m really sad about my eyes….but I would be happy if these points will help me even into small extents….

  191. GGGGG #

    My eyesight is terrible 😛
    I tried using these and guess what? I feel like my eyesight is better now. Thanks so much!

  192. Dhan Shrestha #

    I found the link here, I work with computers all day and am constantly feeling a strain and pain on my eyes. i use power glasses as per the doctor treatment but still i h ave surfing eye problem pls guide me how to solved this problem.

  193. Anonymous #

    Cooll tip for eye…its helpful

  194. Nishtha #

    My eye vision is decreasing day by day.. It is -5.25for right eye and -4.75 for left eye… Please suggest some solution to improve it.

  195. sneha #

    I m 21 years old and my eye sight is weak by 7.0…. How can I improve this

  196. Anonymous #


  197. Prakhar #

    Plss.tell.. that is it really helpful..plss

  198. Anonymous #

    You can use the 10-10-10 rule or the 20-20-20 rule, evey 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds

  199. #anonym #

    Does this work for short sighted people

  200. Esther #

    My eyesight is very bad but how long do I have to do this for? which strategy so far works the best??

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    i just do want to use glasses

  206. alli #

    wow. thxs so much for this info. it really helped me believe that i could actually improve my deteriorating eyesight.

  207. Bob #

    Began with optic nerve damage due to hyperthyroid. Operation to move one eye at a time back into place. Had double vision, couldn’t read normal printed mater on a page. Had to write in real large print. Stopped driving and had to wear a patch over one eye to alleviate double vision. Exercised to increase blood circulation throughout and to optic nerves along with various eye exercises found online. During this time administered prescribed eye drops along with artificial tears. Eventually able to read normally with reading glasses on a page. Had operation to straighten both eyes at Shiley Eye specialists and can now see straight without double vision and without the necessity of a patch. Upon completion of operation noted able to see printed matter on a page without reading glasses but still wear them to prevent eye strain; couldn’t read without glasses prior to it all. Marked greater vision improvement and soon, after practice and tests will be able to drive out on the roads again.

  208. ravi lohani #

    I have eye sight problem from 13 yr I have -4 power in both eyes now I am 20 yr old and my eyes sight is -5 in both eyes I has suggested many doctors they said it is incurable disease plz suggest me some ways from one week I am getting head pain and eye pain also plz suggest some way to me or send me important link to my email address plz help me

  209. Elavarasan #

    Its first time it showing good improvement✌✌I am very happyNow here is solution for my eye problem

  210. varma #

    I have a sight of power is -2.0 from 7 years.and i am using spects now. When i driving a vehicle in night time,opposite vehicle lights are reflecting on my eye this case i am facing a big problem too drive a car in night time because i am not able to see the road.plz help me anyone what i have to use to decrease my sight or visioning spects at night time

    • Gobblin #

      Dont drive the vehicle at night time and its not related to eye problem. Everybody face difficulty at night time while driving

  211. Boopathi #

    Hi…I’m have -4.5 in left and -5.5 in right….do I able to get my sight back…. I’m wearing glasses for about 8yrs..If so how can I get my sight…pls reply

  212. Gobblin #

    Its not useful, trying from 4 years. Not useful at all

  213. Joker #

    I have a poor vision of far away things.

  214. Anonymous #

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  215. Anonymous #

    How long do we do these exercises till we see improvement and which exercises are most helpful.Will I be able to gain back my eyesight

  216. Mokshada dahal #

    Does it really works??

  217. The charles of doom #

    OMG. I used to have a vision of 0.2 but after this for 2 months. My eyesight is now 1.8. Thank you soo much. I will keep on doing this everyday forever. Thanks.

  218. Anonymous #

    My room is not very close to things that are 20 meters away for the 20-20-20 rule. What do you suggest?

  219. Sophia #

    Does it really works? My eyes are really bad. Left eye is -6.50 and right eye is -6.25

  220. Amalsha Fernando #

    Does looking at natural light make your eyesight better?

  221. Anonymous #

    My eyesight weak

  222. Sulekh #

    I have -8 power of my spex… very much disappointed bcz my I m total dependent on spex…. 🙁

  223. Anonymous #

    I have negative 1.25 power in my eye, will this help my eyesight

  224. Chaitanya Sonagara #

    Is it work for -2 in both eyes. how long it will take if i start from today?

  225. chennakesava chippada #

    yeah its really amazing

  226. Shehzad khan #

    Will it work really because I have -2.0 and -1.75 will it make eyesight stronger

  227. Hasan Toor #

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    How long to cure myopia at – 3.00

  229. Monika #

    It really works and benefial try it guys

  230. Human #

    How long does it take to improve your eyes with these exercise?

  231. Anonymous #

    Does that pen exercise really helps?

  232. Anonymous #

    Thanks this has helped so much with my eyesight vision. I have an eye appointment today so I’m hoping I get better results!!

  233. Gagan #

    Ok…. Well, my left eye is 2.25 and right is1.75. I am frightened because i think my eyes are now 3 atleast . 12 months ago,i went for my checkup which was last till now. And i do not want to go again because i m woried of my result . It’ll be bad again.

  234. Aman #

    Really nice article. Thanks for publishing this article it helped me so much with my eyesight vision.

  235. Viewer #

    Is it true that I will be able to stop wearing glasses? That would be really amazin! Also, seeing all these replies, I think there is much hope in the world;)

  236. hanz #

    I play and wrk on pc all day so I tried this exercise and 5 month later my turned to -0.25 before it was -4.75

  237. Chandra #

    Interesting article. Keep sharing good content like this.

  238. Bikash #

    I am wearing a +1.25 glass how can i fix this

  239. prem sagar #

    I am starting this exercise today 12-04-2018.
    I will follow your steps as you say,

    when our eye should get completely correct then i again comment you

  240. Anuj #

    My eyesight is -3.0 please guide me to improve my eyesight

  241. gigi:) #

    it is actually working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. Mahalaxmi Pandey #

    Thank you for useful informatio
    I will start I from today

  243. Anonymous #

    Hi does this steps really effective? my left eye is about 900 plus and right is about 700 plus. I’m scared. what should i do?

  244. Monika #

    I am worried about my eyes….
    I think it will help me…….
    Thank you very much…..
    I have more power -3 i cant see with out my spevlcts

  245. Rishav #

    My eyesight is -2.5, pl please guide me how I can improve my eyesight and give me some tips how I can

  246. anisha #

    Thank you so much for publishing this article it helps me a lot,since I am a student I get difficulty to see the blackboard but now I have try this 10-10-10 method I can see clearly

    Thank you once again

  247. Ayush #

    I used to work a lot on my phone due to which my power increased till -3d. But after doing these all exercise my power has decreased with 0.25 in 2 weeks

    Thanks a lot

  248. Amelia #

    Sigh…. I’ll try this… My vision is so bad. I hope it works.


    As we all use technology but want our eyes to be alright , better without any harm naturally b’coz we can’t stop the usage as it is an essential but can make it a little less soo still need to take care please tell something that actually improves your eyesight and if keep doing or taking care with those steps it must improve and make our better is there a way and effective also … please let me know … kindly I hope these steps will be effective ….

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